Monroe County Hospital & Clinics

Architects and construction engineers took Monroe County Hospital and Clinics board members and managers through the interior of the new clinic area prior to last Wednesday’s meeting.

Following a construction site tour, the Monroe County Hospital Board of Directors held their regular June meeting last Wednesday. The word from the construction tour is that interior work is progressing close to schedule, but exterior work is still quite a ways behind because of poor weather.

The hospital had a brisk month financially with gross revenue at $3.7 million, an increase of 11.3 percent from the year before. Net revenue is up about 9.2 percent. The average percent occupancy is still trailing last year by about 4.1 percent, 11.2 percent for the month and 12.8 percent for the year. Inpatient days are down 20.7 percent, but observation days are up 30.2 percent. Hospital CEO Veronica Fuhs said Monroe County’s numbers are similar to critical access hospitals throughout the Mercy1 network and nationwide.

Expenses were $2.097 million in May, an increase of 11.6 percent. The hospital had a gain of $134,830 for the month. The year-to-date loss is $203,276.

Statistically, the spread sheet showed mostly bright. Ambulance runs were up for the month 71-64 and YTD are three behind, 835 to 838. Cardiac rehab visits were 165 compared to 122 last May, closing a 1,505 to 1,367 gap.

EKGs were at 146 compared to 120 last May and YTD are running 1,495 to 1,318 in 2018.

ER visits were down a bit, 264 to 292 and are running behind last year, 3,056 to 3,267. Lab tests were up significantly in May, 15,061 to 13,246 with YTD numbers up 150,445 to 144,798. Pharmacy codes were also up 4,295-3,566. RT treatments were 149 compared to 86 last May and are 1,716 to 1,556 YTD. Sleep studies were at 12 compared to four a year ago and are up 72-45 YTD. Infusion therapy was up 106 to 90 May to May and are running 1,072 to 965 YTD.

Rural Health Clinic visits jumped to 1,715 compared to 1,619 last May and are ahead of last year 19,016 to 18,321.

Physical therapy was down a bit, 932 to 1,053 last May, but are ahead of last year, 11,567 to 10,686. OT treatments were also down, 100 to 163 and are down about 500 (1,407 to 1,924) YTD.

Looking at radiology, mammography was up 57 to 43, ultrasound was down for the month 59 to 101, CT scan up up for the month 89-78 and MRI was up 29-11. Radiology was at 687 in May compared to 712 last May.


The surgical wing of the hospital was about even to last year, 65 to 64. All but one surgery was outpatient. The Outpatient Clinic did a brisk business with 426 total visits in May compared to 377 last May. YTD outpatient visits are 4,080 compared to 3,817 last year.

Iowa Heart say 80 patients in May compared to 68 last May. Orthopedic was down 23 to 32, oncology was up 35 to 20, general surgery was at 49 compared to 50 a year ago, dermatology was down two, 34 to 36, podiatry was up 76 to 71, neurology was down 26 to 30 and rheumatology was down 40-51.

YTD the biggest gains have come from oncology, dermatology, podiatry, neurology and rheumatology.

Strategic plan goals

Under the Service pillar, despite continued patient confusion getting through construction, the ER was at the 96th percentile of patient satisfaction with a goal of 95, inpatient was at 98 with a goal of 85, Outpatient was at 96 with a goal of 90 and Clinic was at 92 with a goal of 85. Surgery was down a big at 86 with a goal of 95.

Under the Growth pillar, Dr. Freeman, MD, Oncology is working with his office to offer the oncology clinic at MCHC four times a month beginning this fall. Beginning July 1, Chandra Brown, ARNP, will be at MCHC every Wednesday and Thursday for the pain management clinic.

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