The Monroe County Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted to finance a new Caterpillar motor grader at a cost of $228,950, four years at 5.35 percent.

County Engineer Jeremiah Selby had previously gone over the reasoning of purchasing new compared to doing a near complete overhaul of a 2007 grader.

Payments will start in June and end in 2022.

Selby also came to the board about extending the time secondary road employees can use their compensatory time. The cutoff was July 1, but Selby asked to extend that to Oct. 31. “Everyone has maxed out their comp time and it would be detrimental to what we’re hoping to do this summer if they had to take their comp time by July 1,” he said. “This really benefits the county and the union has signed off on it.” The plan was approved.

The board turned down an initial proposal from Rise Broad Band to lease space on the county’s communication tower at the Safety Center. Rise had asked for two spaces, one high and one low on the tower for a lease payment of $400 per month. Supervisor John Hughes dismissed the offer immediately. “We’re getting between $1,200 and $1,400 per month for other customers,” he said. “They’re going to have to come up quite a bit.” Supervisor Chairman Denny Amoss, who has been negotiating with the company, said he would take back the board’s rejection and ask them to submit another proposal.

The board approved a liquor license for the Red Barn Saloon and Grill pending proof of dram shop insurance.

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