The Monroe County Sheriff put out an alert via Facebook last Friday concerning a citizen complaint about receiving text messages from someone claiming to be St. Mary’s parish priest, Fr. Mike Volkmer.

The text was asking the citizen to buy iTunes cards for cancer patients and saying Fr. Mike would reimburse the person back. The text instructed the person to scratch pin numbers off the back of the iTune card and send it back.

The citizen told police they had checked and the text did not come from Fr. Mike.

Apparently you can redeem an iTunes card by taking a photo of the pin number and sending it back to iTunes to receive credit on an account. The scam was to steal the credit a person had with iTunes.

The sheriff’s office warned people not to send iTunes cards, money or any type of identification to anyone calling, texting or sending requests through e-mail without checking the veracity of the person sending out the request.

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