Monroe County Courthouse

The beautifully restored exterior of the courthouse.

Horizon Original Architect Mike Nolan attended a Monroe County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday to open bids on the HVAC heating and cooling upgrade for the courthouse.

This is the second time bids were opened. The first bids were all too high and turned down by the board.

Two companies submitted bids including Ball Team, LLC and Reliable 1. Reliable submitted the low bid of $484,631 and Nolan said that he had worked with contractor Reliable 1 on previous projects and felt they would be a qualified contractor to upgrade the existing 29 year-old heating system and window air conditioners at the Monroe County Courthouse.

Ball Team LLC’s bid was $645,000.

Reliable 1 tentatively anticipates an eight to ten week project with a possible start date of September 2019.

 Beary the project was important to maintain the structure of the courthouse and the recent courthouse restoration tuck-pointing project. The HVAC upgrade will eliminate the air conditioner drainage down the side of the Courthouse as that had been a significant contributing factor to the degradation of the exterior stone.

 The board approved the bid unanimously. 

Nolan also reported that after a consultation with TNT Tuckpointing’s Foreman Michael Lee, the courthouse restoration project is coming to a close. The remaining stone replacement is expected to be substantially completed this week, and touch-up, sidewalk repair and landscaping repairs will continue in to the following week. The anticipated completion date is July 31.

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