Brayden Reed

Brayden Reed with his new Alpine yearling goat donated to the Iowa Dairy Goat Association Share-A-Kid program by Judi Nayeri of Ma’s Acres.

The Iowa Dairy Goat Association is always on the look-out for ways to help nuture a life-long appreciation of dairy goats and dairy goat products in youth throughout the state. The IDGA Share-A-Kid Program provides the opportunity for youth, fourth to 12th grades or an active FFA chapter member, and residents of the state of Iowa, to own a registered dairy goat kid, by way of a competitive essay application process.

Doelings are donated by IDGA members.

Brayden Reed of Monroe County, son of Bryan and Amber Reed, was one of two Iowa youth winners, receiving an Alpine yearling donated by Judi Nayeri of Ma’s Acres.

Following is Brayden’s post essay:

My name is Brayden Reed. I am 13 years old and in 8th grade at Albia Junior High. My essay was selected through the Share-A-Kid Contest, and I received a yearling Alpine doe donated by Judi Nayeri of Ma’s Acers. I have been an active 4-Her for four years and am a member of the Troy Good 4-Hers Club in Monroe County. I live in Albia with my parents, Bryan and Amber, and my two sisters. My dad has a cow-calf operation and a hoop barn where he feeds the calves to market, and my mom is an Instructional Coach at the Albia Junior High and High School.

I found out about the Share-A-Kid contest from a local family that has received two does in recent years. My mom encouraged me to give it a try. I have shown Boer and Nubian goats at our county fair for the last three years. My family started breeding goats and every year we ended up with some bottle babies. I have wanted to feed them goat’s milk instead of milk replacer for better production. Having a dairy goat such as Tawni, will help me improve my goat herd.

After I got Tawni on April 30, 2019, I put her with my other dairy does for company. Tawni liked to chew stuff and was kind of a bully to the other goats and pushed them away. Tanwi also liked to eat bananas. It was fun to spend time with her!

July was a busy month as I got Tawni ready for the county fair. I worked with her on setting up and I washed her. About one week before fair, I clipped her so she would be ready to be shown. She won Reserve Champion Dairy Goat at my county fair!

In September, I took her back to Ma’s Acers to get bred to an Alpine buck. She got bred within two weeks. I can’t wait for Tawni to have babies this February. My plan is to show both Tawni and her babies at the county fair next year.

I am so thankful for the Share-A-Kid essay contest. I have had so much fun with Tanwi. In the future, I hope to give back by donating a kid to the contest. I would love for another child to be able to have the opportunity that I have been given.

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