Woodlawn Cemetery vandalism

Two of approximately 15 grave stones are pictured knocked over by allegedly two youthful male vandals.

Mindless, senseless vandalism occurred in broad daylight last Wednesday in the historic Woodlawn Cemetery in Lovilia where 15-20 headstones were damaged.

“Our hearts were saddened when we saw the damage and destruction,” said long-time resident Goldie Kraber. Fred Kraber was out in the cemetery after a Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy investigated the incident, picking up the stones and placing them next to the foundations. Some were too big to move.

According to a sheriffs report, on Thursday, June 20 around 4:46 p.m. the law center received a call from Lovilia City Hall about headstone damage.

Deputy Dunning found between 15 and 20 headstones damaged. A section of the cemetery where members of the Cobb family are buried was especially hard hit.

There was a person walking a dog in the cemetery at the time of the vandalism, but the person was unable to make a positive ID, said Sheriff Dan Johnson.

The vandals cut a swath through the middle of the main part of the cemetery, knocking down several very old stones bearing the names and dates of death of children. Stones of veterans, plaques and figurines were also damaged.

Sheriff Johnson is asking anyone who may have witnessed the criminal mischief or knows anything about the incident to contact his office at 641-932-7815 or leave a message on the Sheriff’s Facebook page.

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