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Pictured from left, WHO Radio’s The Big Show host, Bob Quinn, Jer Buckingham, RRWA Plant Superintendent and Randy Eddy, RRWA Board Chair.

On Thursday, June 20, Bob Quinn, co-host of WHO Radio’s, The Big Show, traveled to the Rathbun Lake Watershed to conduct a live broadcast of his show from Rathbun Regional Water Association’s Water Treatment Plant. The Big Show, which airs each week-day, is an agricultural show that serves Iowa and portions of surrounding states.

During the two-hour live show, interviews were conducted in the control room of RRWA’s new water treatment plant, and included the following:

John Glenn, RRWA CEO/COO, discussed the Best Tasting Water in Iowa awards the utility has received including two consecutive year wins at the state level and a fourth place finish from a field of 42 other state winners at the national conference in Washington, D.C. 

Jer Buckingham, RRWA Plant Superintendent received the 2018 System Operator of the Year Award at the Iowa Rural Water Association’s 44th Annual Conference in Des Moines. Buckingham told Quinn, “I accepted the award for my team and my staff here at Rathbun.” Quinn noted the impressive number of 600 landowners working with the Rathbun Land and Water Alliance to install conservation practices to keep the lake clean. Buckingham agreed. “Without a quality source water to start with we couldn’t send the water out the back door in as good of quality as we’d like.  Farmers in the watershed are doing a great job providing food for the world and still making the environmental protection happen.”

Randy Eddy, RRWA Board Chair, explained the 2018 Environmental Stewardship Award from the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association that he and his wife, Denise received.

Marty Braster, Environmental Management Specialist/Support Services Officer spoke about RLWA’s cover crop/soil health demonstration; the soil health component that has been added to Rathbun Lake protection activities.

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