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ISASP (Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress) replaced the Iowa Assessments which replaced the old Iowa Test of Basic Skills. And Monday the Albia Community School District received for the first time the ISASP results from 2018-2019.

While a bit different than the Iowa Assessments, the results were very positive for the district, according to Lincoln Center Principal and Curriculum Director Joellen Schwartz.

The only thing that was curious to administrators and board members is the fact ISASP science results do not match up to the ACT test results from 40 members of last year’s 67-member senior class.

The ACT test is for college bound students and the ACT report that the board had for the first time on Monday showed Albia students slipping below the state in science and in particularly biology. Science scores for 2019 were 19.6 compared to a statewide average of 21.8. The year before Albia students taking the ACT scored a 22.0, identical to the statewide average.

On the ISASP science test (taken by fifth, eighth and 10th grade students), students scored lower in science than in reading and math, but were ahead of the state average by margins of 70-52 (fifth grade), 71-58 (eighth grade) and 66-63 (10th grade).

The ACT scores showed Albia students readiness for college biology at just 23 percent compared to a statewide average of 44 percent.

“The question of our scores on the ACT biology tests is made even more perplexing by the ISASP scores,” said Board member Jeff Liston.

Part of the discrepancy could be attributed by the number of students taking the ACT compared to those taking the ISASP test, said Superintendent Kevin Crall. Schwartz said having received the ISASP results that day, she hadn’t had time to really dig into some of the internals of the test and compare it to ACT scores.

ISASP scores high

At any rate, Albia students blew away most of the statewide averages in reading, math and science. The highest reading scores came at the ninth grade level where 72 percent of students were proficient and 17 percent advanced for a cumulative sore of 89 percent, compared to 76 percent statewide. Albia students hit the 80th percentile in third grade (82%), seventh grade (83%), eighth grade (82%), ninth grade (89%), 10th grade (83%) and 11th grade (84%).

The fourth grade class last year scored below statewide average in reading, 65% compared to 70% statewide.

Similar results came in math where third grade scored highest (84% compared to 71% statewide). Eighth grade was at 83 percent compared to 72 percent statewide. The only class scoring below the state average was 10 grade with a 65 percent average compared to 66 percent statewide.

ACT scores lower

The 2019 ACT results were generally lower than in the past five years in English, math, reading and science. The 2019 composite was 20.4 compared to a statewide average of 21.6. The year before Albia ACT test takers scored 22.3, above the state composite average of 21.8.

The 2019 English average for Albia students was 19.4 compared to 20.8 statewide, math 20.2 compared to 21.0 statewide, reading 22.1 compared to 22.3 statewide and science 19.6 compared to 21.8 statewide.

More Albia school board news in Thursday’s Union-Republican.

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