Monroe County Arts Council

THE MONROE COUNTY Arts Council purchased original art for public display from a gift from the Barbara Mosley estate. From left, Dawn Maughan, JoEllen Swartz and Kim Rainey with prints for the Lincoln Center.

The Monroe County Arts Council is working to make art accessible in public spaces and recently presented artwork purchased at the Monroe County Restoration Days Art Show, to the Lincoln Center and Monroe County Public Health.

Annette Scieszinski, Arts Council president, said this initiative is made possible by a generous gift from the late Barbara Mosley, who taught school in Albia for many years. Dawn Maughan and Linda Hoskins, Arts Council members, recently presented the artwork.

The paintings donated to the Lincoln Center were done by Richard Dutton and were presented to Lincoln Principal Joellen Swartz and art teacher Kim Riney for display in the building. Students and patrons of the district will be able to admire the paintings upon visiting the school.

Lincoln Center students were appreciative of the gift and had the following comments, “The paintings remind me of my grandpa’s farm,” (Payton Major), “I like the different colors and the brush strokes on the grass” (Aiden Aldridge), “Where was the painting made” (Briden Taylor), “I love’s’s valuable to us” (Edynn Gillaspie), “This picture is a unique twist to something that most people think is ordinary” (Audrey Zaputil), “I like all of the different colors Mr. Dutton used to make this painting” (Ben Wilson), and “That farm looks like a family farm and is just as pretty as a modern farm...that is how the artist wanted it...every detail is beautiful and perfect” (Morgan Hoskins).

The wall hanging was presented to Kim Hugen, Monroe County Public Health administrator, and was done by Meg Prange. It is titled Erik Satie’s Tete d’oiseau en forme de pomme. Hugen said that the art would brighten up the wall space at Public Health and felt that all ages would appreciate the mural, but really thought that younger children would enjoy looking at the bright colors and shapes in the mural while waiting for their appointments.

The Monroe County Arts Council will be sharing information about upcoming events and the membership drive soon. You can also find current information

about activities on the Arts Council Facebook page.

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