Monroe County Courthouse

The beautifully restored exterior of the courthouse.

Monroe County Sheriff Dan Johnson opened two bids for a new patrol truck. The new truck will replace a pick-up with about 170,000 miles on it.

Bids from Albia Motor and Vaughn Motor were opened on Tuesday by the Monroe County Board of Supervisors. Vaughn Motor submitted a bid of $32,956, but didn’t list running boards as requested. Albia Motor submitted a bid of $34,784 which included running boards.

Supervisor John Hughes said by the time you figured in $800 for running boards and the cost of driving to Ottumwa for service and warranty work, the slightly higher cost at Albia Motor would be offset.

The board approved the Albia Motor bid.

A public hearing for the Pony Express 200 electric car recharging station on the square was set for Aug. 27, 9:30 a.m. in the supervisor’s board room.

A utility permit was approved for Windstream to bore under a truss bridge north of Lake Miami. Windstream will bore about 200 feet for the project.

Supervisors approved a change order for seeding the courthouse lawn. TNT had originally said they would do the seeding, but instead are hiring the work done and absorbing the cost to close out the contract.

Courthouse custodian Ray Vitko visited with the supervisors about final landscaping around the courthouse where old shrubbery had been removed to do the exterior work on the courthouse. Vitko suggested, and the supervisors agreed, to put the project out for bids and have local landscapers provide the board with a plan.

“In my mind, less is better,” said John Hughes. “I’d like to see a minimalist design.” There was some discussion about using rock or wood chips in the area and supervisors were also sure they didn’t want any kind of bushes with stickers or that produced berries.

Monroe County Sheriff Dan Johnson said Cunningham had been at the jail and fixed water pressure problems, allowing the jail to come into compliance with the state jail inspector.

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