The lost has been found and it will turn into a substantial savings for Monroe Countians. At the Monroe County Board of Supervisors meeting before last, Chariton Valley Plannng and Zoning’s Nicole Moore said the county had to complete its Comprehensive Plan that was started and never finished.

The bad news was that no one was able to put their hands on the document and the cost of redoing the entire plan would range near $50,000 for county budgeting purposes. Supervisor Denny Amoss got busy trying to track down the lost Comprehensive Plan and reported Tuesday a successful search.

The document, a draft 194 pages in length, was located and will be sent to the board of supervisors. Going over the draft and updating it will save considerable time and money, Amoss said.

Monroe County Engineer Jeremiah Selby told the board he is seeking a federal grant to replace a bridge on 720th Avenue near the Cargill complex that is in the county’s five-year plan. The steel I-beam bridge was built in 1951 and is rated at 22 tons, not nearly strong enough to carry modern farm equipment.

Selby said the design and engineering of the bridge will come out of Farm to Market funds. He said he felt there was a good chance of receiving the grant to replace the bridge.

Monroe County Conservation Board Manager Andy Wuebker presented his monthly report to the board. Wuebker said a representative from ICAP, the county’s insurance provider, made an inspection and wrote up a few deficiencies, including improper covering for the park’s playground and the need to replace gas cans. Wuebker said the insurance rep asked about people ice fishing at the lake. “He wanted to know if we were warning them about thin ice (the ice at the time was about two inches at the shoreline and four inches into the lake—too thin for safe fishing). He asked for and Wuebker complied with placing a sign that says, “Recreate at Your Own Risk.”

Wuebker said he was currently doing an inventory of all the park’s equipment with the intent of removing any equipment broken or unused.

He is currently working on the budget for the Conservation Board and reported using 49.2 percent of the current budget as of Dec. 2. He reported that the Hitting and Pitching Facility at the Monroe County Sports Complex had been updated and all needed repairs made.

He also discussed with the board purchasing a used dump truck and outfitting it with a snow blade.

He also reported that he and his staff had attended county conservation park training and were signed up for another training period in February that would cover REAP and timber restoration among other things.

John Knowles was placed on the Board of Adjustment to replace Doran Haywood. Sheriff Dan Johnson also reported that mileage reimbursement was increased from $.545 to $.58.

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