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The Albia Community School Board accepted the election results of the November election which sent Craig Ambrose, Mallory Stocker and Mark Robinson back to the board.

The board voted to make Roger George its new president and Craig Ambrose vice president. The board also approved Melissa Bauer as board secretary.

Instructional Coaches Amber Reed and Jessica Hemann were at the meeting to discuss the district strategic plan which basically establishes research-based strategies to drive learning in the district.

The two instructional coaches discussed the strategy for career and college readiness, the challenge of social/emotional learning, building positive relationships with all students and creating a welcoming, supportive and trusting environment for students and faculty.

Outreach is another part of the strategic plan where students are supported by district stakeholders, staff, parents and citizens.

During the question answer period for the board, Craig Ambrose and Jeff Liston both questioned the strategic plan in relation to recent ACT test results showing lower scores in biology and science. Liston said he was surprised that ACT results from last year don’t match other state assessments, at least in terms of science.

The discussion moved to the ACT test results and the ISASP test results without specifically answering that question because administrators and teachers had not been able to dig into the numbers.

The ACT testing results of 40 ACHS students and the ISASP tests that came from students in grades three through 12 were released on Monday.

Parent-teacher conferences for fall 2019 were about the same as previous years. The highest attendance (95 percent) was at the second grade level. First grade had 93 percent, third 90 percent and pre-school 89 percent. The lowest attendance was at the 11th grade level at 39 percent.

Superintendent Crall briefly discussed the 25-year extension of the statewide school penny sales tax with an 87 percent yes vote. Crall said advertising using a “Yes Vote” in the ad cost about $438 ($300 on KIIC Radio and $138 in the newspaper) and asked board members to donate to the cause if they wanted to because it can’t be paid for through school funds.

Under action items:

The board approved the resignation of Justin Long as seventh grade volleyball coach and the hiring of Carrie Selby as school nurse. Glenda Hamlin was hired as an associate.

The board approved applications for Open Enrollment Out Students not on the Fall 2018 Count for allowable growth in the amount of $33,680 and another application for ELL (English Language Learners) beyond five years in the amount of $1,513.

The December board meeting was moved to 5:30 p.m. in the high school library due to the Grant Center Christmas program.

At the December meeting the board will determine the percentage for the Instructional Support Program and vote to extend it for another five-year period.

Board members will also discuss early retirement and early resignation incentives at the next meeting. Board member Linda Hoskins said the incentives for announcing early resignation were a benefit to the district as well as a perk to long-term employees. Board members wanted the administration to run numbers for potential early retirement candidates.

Superintendent Crall said the Management Fund, which basically allows for early retirement, is in a healthy condition.

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