Albia Superintendent Kevin Crall told the school board Monday that he had met with members of the Monroe County Board of Supervisors to discuss options involving ownership and management of the Monroe County Sports Complex.

“I think we’re talking more in terms of a long-term management agreement,” said Crall.

Crall said in the early brainstorming session, the Monroe County Hitting and Pitching facility was taken out of the mix. “I really don’t think the school is equipped to operate the facility to the satisfaction of its users,” he said. “I think we’re looking at other ways to keep it up and running.”

The Hitting and Pitching facility has always been operated on a seven-day per week, 24 hours per day system, where coaches and individuals receive a pass code to use it whenever they can schedule a time for practice. It has reopened and is operating under the guidance of the Monroe County Conservation Board.

Crall also told the board that in his discussion with the Supervisors, the idea of the school managing the Sports Complex as opposed to owning it was discussed. “There is no question that the school is the primary user of the Sports Complex,” Crall told the board. “And I think managing the facility is a pretty good fit for our current policies. I am concerned about the cost of making it handicap accessible.”

In an earlier discussion about the school’s space study, Crall had said that the plans and costs laid out for making the Sports Complex handicap accessible was overbuilt. “The engineers had us paving every bit of parking space and connecting it to a handicap accessible sidewalk going throughout the park,” Crall had said. “I don’t think you have to do that kind of total paving project to comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.”

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