Living Nativity

Last year’s Living Nativity cast at the Huber farm included an “earless” sheep who is kneeling over the baby, Alex Drost, and Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus, Ryan, Brianna and Keplan Howard.

Quiet, Stillness, Silence. Something miraculous is about to happen.  Something beyond description, beyond imagination, beyond words.

Come with us as we travel in mind, in heart, and in spirit back to a place called Bethlehem, for a glorious birth. Join the First Christian Church in Albia for a Living Nativity on Sunday, Dec. 9, 6:30 p.m. at the Kenny Huber Farm. This is the 21st year the church has sponsored this event to provide an opportunity for the community to take a break from the shopping, baking, decorating and parties, to remember the birth of Jesus.

 Take a step back in time as the drama unfolds before our eyes:  Joseph and Mary arrive at the stable where cattle are lowing, sheep are bleating and a humble birth occurs. Soon angels, shepherds and wise men arrive to greet this newborn King. As the story unfolds, familiar carols of the season will be sung and those in attendance will pause to welcome the Christ child into their hearts once again.

The Huber Farm is located at 2325 653rd Ave in Albia (go south on HWY 5, turn at the road leading to Relco and follow the gravel road south, looking for the luminaries that will guide you to the stable.) Visitors can park alongside the road.  Even though the stable is inside, visitors should dress for winter weather. For more information, call the church at 932-5136.

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