Albia City Attorney Bob Breckenridge presented a first draft of a lease agreement between the city and Monroe County Little League Softball for management of the Washington Park Field and its concession stand. Once passed, the city will still control the restrooms along with the playground and shelter house.

The softball league asked the city to provide them a long-term lease on the field, allowing them to make needed improvements, do mowing and prevent people from damaging the field or having their dogs defecate in the outfield.

The lease will somewhat limit use of the field, since the softball league will have the gates locked. People wanting to use the field will have to call a softball officer to have it unlocked.

Breckenridge set up a 25-year renewable lease. The city will continue to lock and unlock the restrooms morning and evening and the softball league will have keys for weekend restroom usage. The council will vote on the lease at its next meeting.

Approval was given to use the engineering firm of Calhoun/Burns to proceed with preliminary design work on the South Clinton bridge. The design work will be around $20,000 and does not include a survey.

Breckenridge presented an update of 90-day demolition properties. Six houses have already come down, a new owner is in the process of remodeling a property on North B, a property on South Fifth has been sold again, a property on South Main that was to have been a project for fire department training will not be burned and two other properties have been abandoned and the city will gain control of those.

Police Chief Jay Andrews told the council that he and Sheriff Dan Johnson are working on an agreement to sell a bullet proof vest fitted for officer Joe Worth when he joins the sheriff’s office around the first of March. The sheriff’s office would pay the police department a prorated cost of $559. The vest still has four years of useful life and would only fit Worth.

March 4 was set for the public hearing for the budget.

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