The Monroe County recycling trailer located in Melrose City Park has been removed for 30 days due to improper use. Fish scraps, rotted beef and other garbage were deposited in the trailer, which makes all of the other items in the trailer ineligible for recycling, increases labor and garbage disposal fees to the county and created a horrific smell for the good people of Melrose.

According to Supervisor John Hughes, workers searched for identifying envelopes or other items that might identify the people putrefying the recycling trailer. “We couldn’t identify anybody,” said Hughes. “It is disgusting and really disappointing to have to put up with stuff like this.”

As a reminder, the recycling trailers are available for recycling cardboard, newspaper, magazines, office types of paper, shredded office paper, books, glass, tin and plastics marked with numbers 1-7.

Styrofoam, plastic bags, gift wrap, waxed paper, paper towels, facial tissue, aluminum foil or pie pans, window glass, drinking glasses, coffee cups, ceramics, pots and pans, mirrors, light bulbs, hazardous chemicals, auto fluid containers, aerosol cans, food and yard waste and other garbage is not to be recycled.

The main recycling center in Monroe County is located in Albia at the Monroe County Community Services Building at 1801 S. B Street. Recycling trailers are also located in Lovilia at the southeast corner of the intersection of North E and 19th Street and at the City Park in Melrose.

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