Unlike the Iowa Democrat Party, Monroe County Democrat Chairman Cam Whisler could tell you exactly who won the local caucus Monday night. A complete breakdown of a voting “App” caused mass confusion at the state and national levels leaving the nation still wondering who won the hotly contested Iowa Caucus on the Democrat side.

“We’re disappointed and frustrated,” said Chairman Whisler Tuesday morning, still trying to shake a sleepless night. “We all worked so hard on the caucus only to have such a disappointing display.”

The computer app screw-up has dwarfed the outcome for Democrats. In Monroe County 166 people attended caucus sites and there was a split with Pete Buttegieg coming out on top. Buttegieg won in Lovilia, Albia 1, Albia 3 and tied in Melrose with former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden won in Albia 2. Amy Klobuchar won in Courthouse 5 and Bernie Sanders won in Albia 4.

Second place overall went to Biden, according to Whisler.

“Everything went very smoothly in Monroe County,” said Whisler. “We have really hard working, responsible people on our committee. But we were really left in the dark. The first we knew of the problem was when somebody in the Fourth Precinct tried to log into the app and it wouldn’t work. Eventually I was given a phone number to call and ended up waiting an hour to report.”

Whisler said even the mass phone call by Iowa Democratic Chairman Troy Price was frustrating. “He made the call, read from a script and hung up,” said Whisler. “It just makes all of us look bad.”

Republicans had 150 attend their caucus at Grant School with 139 straw poll votes cast, all for President Donald Trump. Chairman Matt Walden said he was pleased with the turnout. Iowa Republicans polled over 97 percent for Trump.

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