Albia Police Department

At the request of the Albia Volunteer Fire Department, the Albia Police Department is issuing this alert to residents of the City of Albia and the surrounding area.

Since Oct. 24, there have been two arson fires in the city of Albia. Both instances occurred at residential homes. In both instances a person or persons unknown splashed gasoline on the rear of the residence and ignited it. In both cases the incident occurred in the early morning hours. In one instance, fuel left behind a residence for a lawn mower was used in setting the fire.

“Fortunately there have been no injuries or loss of life in either instance, and the damage has been minimal, but this is concerning to both the police and fire departments,” said Fire Chief John Freshwater.

The Police and Fire Departments recommend the following action be taken by all Albia residents until such time as the person or persons who are involved in these fires is apprehended:

• Do not store flammable liquids in unsecure areas, especially at the rear of the house.

• Insure that your smoke detectors have fresh batteries and are functional.

• If at all possible, install motion sensor lighting at the rear of your residence.

• Pay attention to strangers in your area. Report suspicious persons you observe to police.

• Keep an eye on your neighbor’s homes as well.

“We would appreciate any assistance the community can provide as we continue to investigate this situation,” said Chief Andrews.

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