Aliens invade for spring play

“The Aliens are coming! The Aliens are coming!” March 15-17 to the King Opera House in Albia. The Albia High School Drama Department will be showcasing the last performance by seven seniors.

The Meteorite Inn is located on a lonely stretch of desert highway. The owners of the shabby inn, Doug (Cole Folkerts) and his sister, Peggy (Valerie Beary), decide to capitalize on the fact that they’re close to a restricted zone known only as ’Area 502.’ (Rumor has it the government keeps an alien prisoner housed there!) Before you can say ’Independence Day,’ the Meteorite Inn is overflowing with excited UFO believers and speakers who claim they’ve been abducted by aliens and held prisoner in spaceships! Who knows if they are real or fake? As the military continues to confuse matters, everyone gets involved. Poor Mayor Mintweed (Tate Padilla) goes cuckoo. An alien autopsy will be performed by Dr. Trueblood (Jamesy May) and his staff in front of the audience. Jack (Andrew Wright) leads other conventioneers into discovering the truth. Sheriff Chickamauga (Bradley Amante) tries to figure things out as he munches on a doughnut while Captain Davis (Bradley Yenger) and his soldiers protect Area 502.

Will these performers be aliens or humans: Hanna Anderson, Gavin Archer, Arianna Barlow, Ava Brown, Alyssa Burk, William Burk, Lucas Chapman, Caleb Folkerts, Emma Hopkins, Olivia Hopkins, Jasmine Hughes, Zoey Kent, Taylor Luce, Sarah Matt, Virginia Mahon, Shayne Miller, Tessa Orsini, Steven Parks, Tatum Pearson, Emily Prescott, Jayce Reed, Tayler Sample, Sophia Sanford, Travis Sheffield, Hannah Schwarte, Brooke Smith, Hailey Smith, Savannah Stalzer, Austin Stanley, Winter Stump-Parks, Lea Swanson, David Thomas, Caleb Toopes, Faith Zanoni, Samantha Walter, and Taylee Wolfer

Join the fun March 15-17. Senior Ash Pickens will be leading the lighting and stage crew. The play is directed by Suszanne Hollinrake. She will be assisted by Alex Steines.

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