American Legion

The Albia Newspapers staff has begun work on a 100th anniversary section honoring the American Legion. The section will be published in mid to late June.

The American Legion was established a year after the end of WWI to address a myriad of problems faced by veterans of WWI. Since that time it has become not only the most powerful voice for U.S. veterans, it has reached out into communities across the country to promote citizenship, patriotism and youth programming.

Along with the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion, it has provided such things as American Legion Boys State and Girls State, Boys Nation, American Legion Baseball and the Buddy Poppy program to assist in the health care of veterans.

Over the years, the American Legion has also helped establish the American Heart Association, the National Mental Health Association and the American Legacy Scholarship Fund for the education of children of active duty military killed in action post 9-11.

One of the Legion’s crowning achievements was the passage of the GI Bill that has allowed millions of veterans access to a college education.

The American Legion in Albia has had a profound effect on this community and we intend to tell their story in this special section. You will have the opportunity to show your support of the work of the Legion as well as honor special Legionnaires in your life. Call Marilyn or Kari at 641-932-7121 for information.

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