Over $225,000 in scholarships were awarded to Albia Community High School seniors on Friday at the annual awards night.

Silver Service was awarded to students who perform, and document 200 hours of volunteer service in our community. Recipients were Valerie Beary, Katie Day, Madalyn Persons, Samantha Smith, Mollie Solinger.

Presidential Award of Education Excellence (Gold); recognizes students with 3.5 GPA and above using a 4.0 scale who demonstrate high achievement in reading and math on a college admission examination such as ACT. Valerie Beary, Katie Day, Cole Folkerts, Sarah Herz, Allison Hugen, Madalyn Persons, Kennedy Schroeder, Dominique Spaur, Carson Stocker, Tahylor Terrell, Andrew Winke, Bradley Yenger.

Presidential Award of Educational Achievement (Silver); graduating with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Bradley Amante, Lindsay Bates, Lucas Chapman, Taylor Colwell, Zachary DeMoss, Kaitlyn Faber, Carlie Ford, Paige Fry, Edison Goodlow, Rylee Leshen, James May, Brandon Milburn, Tate Padilla, Hunter Paschke, Kenley Pettit, Ashley Pickens, Aden Reeves, Hanna Roth, Trevor Scholtus, Ethan See, Samantha Smith, Haley Snider, Collette Teno, Gage Wilson, Skyler Workman.

Citizenship Award: To recognize students who inspire school spirit, participate in school activities and community service, along with having a positive attitude, possess strength of character and have the courage to do what is right. Bradley Amante, Valerie Beary, Nathan Crall, Katie Day, Zach DeMoss, Stacie Etcher, Kaitlyn Faber, Cole Folkerts, Sarah Herz, Allison Hugen, Beau Leshen, Rylee Leshen, James May, Mishaela Pedersen, Kenley Pettit, Trevor Scholtus, Kennedy Schroeder, Samantha Smith, Haley Snider, Mollie Solinger, Carson Stocker, Collette Teno, Tahylor Terrell, Andrew Winke, Bradley Yenger

Principal’s Leadership Award: These are the students who stepped up to the plate and did the uncomfortable things in their school that leaders must do. They are the students who followed the rules, showed respect at all times, volunteered without being asked to, led their teams, lead the student section, worked extremely hard in their classes and activities, came to school with a positive attitude every day.  They understood why decisions were made and didn’t complain. Valerie Beary, Nathan Crall, Katie Day, Stacie Etcher Cole Folkerts, Sarah Herz, Allison Hugen, Beau Leshen, Rylee Leshen, Jer McAninch, Kennedy Schroeder, Haley Snider, Mollie Solinger, Carson Stocker, Collette Teno, Tahylor Terrell, Andrew Winke, Bradley Yenger.

Governor’s Scholar Recognition Program: Andrew Winke.

Prudential Spirit of Community: Katie Day

Josh Wuebker Memorial Scholarship: $500, Jer McAninch

Arlene Ragan Memorial Scholarship $300,  Rylee Leshen

Tharp Funeral Home Scholarship: $500, Rylee Leshen, Collette Teno, Gage Wilson

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa Scholarship: $1,000, Allison Hugen       

Pella Rolscreen Sons & Daughters Scholarship: $8,000, Valerie Beary

Albia Eagles Aerie: $500, Carson Stocker, Andrew Wright

Albia Eagles Auxiliary #3583: $500, Kennedy Schroeder

ACHS Student Council Scholarship: $100, Zach DeMoss, Stacie Etcher, Kaitlyn Faber, Carlie Ford, Sarah Herz, Rylee Leshen, Jer McAninch, Kennedy Schroeder, Carson Stocker, Andrew Winke

Dave Clark Memorial Scholarship:  $1,000, Gage Wilson

Joe Anderson Memorial Scholarship: $250, Dawson Hermsen, Gage Wilson, Andrew Winke, Bradley Yenger

Charles Mordan Memorial Scholarship: $250, Allison Hugen, Jer McAninch

Jarred Crall Memorial Scholarship:  $1,000, Kennedy Schroeder

Pete Sarver Memorial Scholarship:  $1,000,  Lucas Chapman; $500,  Cole Folkerts, Stacie Etcher; $300,  Jaylon Cox, Nathan Crall, Beau Leshen

Trinity United Methodist Service Scholarships: $400, Samantha Smith   

Ben Grayson - Lions Club Scholarship: $500, Carson Stocker

Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc: $1,000, Carson Stocker

Summers Insurance Scholarship:  Valerie Beary, Stacie Etcher, Cole Folkerts, Beau Leshen, Rylee Leshen,

 Tate Padilla,  Madalyn Persons, Kennedy Schroeder, Haley Snider, Mollie Solinger, Carson Stocker, Tahylor Terrell, Andrew Winke, Bradley Yenger

Albia Rotary Scholarship: $500,  Allison Hugen, Jer McAninch, Carson Stocker, Collette Teno

Dr. Dean & Mary Stocker Rotary Scholarship: $1,000, Bradley Yenger

Albia Chamber of Commerce: $200,  Jer McAninch, Kennedy Schroeder

Monroe County Healthcare Foundation Scholarship: $500, Allison Hugen, Rylee Leshen, Hanna Roth, Tahylor Terrell

Iowa Bar Association & Citizenship: $500,  Cole Folkerts

Quality Ag Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship: $500, Jer McAninch; $200, Nathan Crall, Kennedy Schroeder, Dakota Selby

International Club Scholarship: $125, James May, Trevor Scholtus                                                   

American Legion Post 136: $200, Nathan Crall, Kaitlyn Griffin, Allison Hugen, Kennedy Schroeder, Carson Stocker, Gage Wilson

Pay It Forward Scholarship - $1,000: Valerie Beary                       

Della Vedova Scholarship: Jer McAninch, Andrew Winke, Bradley Yenger; Alumni -  Joe Beary, Sydney DeBruin, Brandon Persons, Colton Dorpinghaus, Lane Scieszinski, Trent Garver, Karter Spieler, Paige Greiner, Matthew Starcevic, Nathan Herz, Cameron Stocker, Ben Mason, Gannon Osing, Tyler Pasut   

Monroe County 4-H Foundation Scholarship: $400, Valerie Beary

First Iowa State Bank/Agriculture Future of America:  $3,200 + $1,000, Kennedy Schroeder   

Masonic Lodge Scholarship: $2,000, Allison Hugen                   

National Honor Society Scholarship: $50,  Carson Stocker, Collette Teno

Albia Academic Scholarship: $100,  Andrew Winke

RELCO Locomotives Scholarship: $300, Nathan Crall, Andrew Winke, Bradley Yenger           

Farm Bureau Scholarship Albert Tangie Memorial: $250,  Jer McAninch

Harold & Gloria Mick Scholarship: $500,   V. Beary, L. Chapman, T. Colwell, J. Cox, Z. DeMoss, S. Etcher, C. Folkerts, C. Ford, E. Goodlow, K. Griffin, S. Herz, A.Hugen, B. Leshen, R. Leshen, J. May, J. McAninch, M. Persons, K. Pettit, H. Roth, K. Schroeder, D. Selby, S. Smith,  H. Snider, M. Solinger, N. Spaur, C. Stocker, C. Teno, T.Terrell, G. Wilson, D. Winke, A.Wright, B. Yenger

Donnalle Van Zante Memorial Scholarship:  $500,  Kaitlyn Griffin

Helen & Denny W. Homerin Scholarship:  $1,000,  Valerie Beary, Nika Spaur

Joanna Regenold Scholarship: $150,  Katie Day

John W. Hartzel Scholarship:  $500, Jaquan Stallworth

Loren & Rowena Hardinger Scholarship: $250,  Kaitlyn Faber, Tate Padilla

Monroe County Iowa Community Foundation: $6,000, Carson Stocker

Susie & Raymond Keegel Memorial Scholarship:  $1,500 ,  Stacie Etcher, Sarah Herz, Andrew Winke, Andrew Wright

Weller Altar & Rosary Scholarship: $150, Jer McAninch

John King Eagle Scout Scholarship: $1,000, Bradley Yenger

Albia Band Parent’s Scholarship:  $250, Ashley Pickens

Art Club Scholarship: $100,  Samantha Smith

Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship:  $2,000, Valerie Beary   

Bob D. Reed Memorial Scholarship: $500, Nathan Crall   

Justin Smithberg Memorial Scholarship: $500,  Allison Hugen, Jer McAninch

Michael A. Jones  Scholarship:  $100,  Taylor Colwell, Allison Hugen, Jer McAninch, Collette Teno, Gage Wilson

St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus, Council #416: $300, Kennedy Schroeder, Collette Teno

Frances Edgington Scholarship: $500,  Lucas Chapman, Hanna Roth                               

Dan Currie Scholarship:  $100, Jer McAninch

Paul Peterson Vocal Scholarship:  $250, Cole Folkerts, Allison Hugen, Nika Spaur, Bradley Yenger           

Thelma Hohl Scholarship: $500, Taylor Colwell, Carlie Ford, Ashley Pickens, Haley Snider, Nika Spaur

Albia Alumni:  $100,  Carson Stocker

Monroe County Cattlemen’s Scholarship, $1,000,  Valerie Beary, Nathan Crall

Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District: $500,  Jer McAninch

Chapter H PEO Scholarship:  $500, Sarah Herz, Rylee Leshen, Haley Snider

St. Mary’s Altar & Rosary Service Award:  $300,  Collette Teno; $200,  Valerie Beary, Jaylon Cox, Dawson Hermsen; $100,  Gage Wilson

Kness Manufacturing Scholarship: $500,  Taylor Colwell, Stacie Etcher, Kaitlyn Faber, Cole Folkerts, Edison Goodlow, Dawson Hermsen, Sarah Herz, Jer McAninch, Tate Padilla, Madalyn Persons, Kennedy Schroeder, Nika Spaur, Jaquan Stallworth, Carson Stocker, Bradley Yenger

Albia Area Young Professionals Scholarship: $200,  Jer McAninch

Community 1st Credit Union: $2,000, Sarah Herz   

Peoples State Bank/Stanley Bay Memorial Scholarship: $1,000, Taylor Colwell, Sarah Herz, Allison Hugen, Andrew Winke

Betty Stocker Memorial Scholarship: $1,500, Edison Goodlow; $500,  Valerie Beary

LeGrand Scholarship: $1,000,  Sarah Herz, Carson Stocker

Pepsi Scholarship: $500,  Tahylor Terrell

I.B.E.W. Local 499 Scholarship (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers): $500, Zachary DeMoss, Kaitlyn Faber

J-BIC Scholarship Health Sciences field: $500, Carlie Ford, Collette Teno, Tahylor Terrell

Team Chance Scholarship: $500, Jaylon Cox, Zach DeMoss, Carson Stocker, Tahylor Terrell, Andrew Winke

Simon Estes Scholarship: $1,000, Bradley Amante; $750, Allison Hugen, Haley Snider; $500, Cole Folkerts, Nika Spaur, Bradley Yenger

Mildred Jayne Moore & Ham Moore Scholarship: Valerie Beary, Katie Day, Tate Padilla, Nika Spaur; Macey Romanco

John Deere Ag Tech Full Tuition Sponsorship - Van Wall Equipment: Nathan Crall

Perfect Attendance: Dakota Selby

IHCC Awards Career Academy Recognition

Auto Diesel & Machining 2 year Completers: Dawson Hermsen, Cody Kosman, Dylan Nelson, Hunter Paschke,Dalton Provenzano, Carson Toopes, Skyler Workman

Rathbun Area 2 year Completer: Hanna Roth

Indian Hills Community College Foundation Scholarships: Lucas Chapman, Comp. Software Dev. Club $1,200; Jaylon Cox, Peoples State Bank, $600; Stacie Etcher, Edward J. Schwartz, $600; Paige Fry, Edward J. Schwartz, $600; James May, Business Prof Club, $1,200; Jer McAninch, Fish-Dematteis Family, $1,500; Hunter Paschke, Diesel Power Systems Club, $1,200; Kenley Pettit, Ajinomoto Group, $600; Hanna Roth, Kathryn Johnson Trust, $1,000; Collette Teno, Dr. Marlene Sprouse, $1,000; Carson Toopes, Automotive Tech Club, $1,200

Des Moines Register Academic All-State:Andrew Winke

Ottumwa Courier All-State Academic Team: Carson Stocker and Sarah Herz

Iowa Cheerleading Coaches’ Association Academic: Allison Hugen

Bernie Saggau Award: Rylee Leshen

Wendy’s High School Heisman School Award: Sarah Herz.

2018-19 Elite Letter Winners: Taylor Colwell, Bradley Amante, Cole Folkerts, Carlie Ford, Valerie Beary, Allison Hugen, Jer McAninch, Ashley Pickens,

Madalyn Persons, Dominique Spaur, Kennedy Schroeder, Andrew Wright, Gage Wilson, Bradley Yenger

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