Restoration Days 2019

The King Opera House will be open the weekend of Restoration Days and the Follies are a go. This year’s Follies will follow the 1950’s Restoration Days theme. Departing a bit from the norm, the Follies will be performed in three acts, including a Rock and Roll act, Country act and Pop act (Big Band, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dinah Shore, etc.).

Directors Dave Paxton, Dan Walker and Cindy Rhodes will be looking for five to seven performers or groups for each act to perform pre-selected music.

Bands will be set up on stage for the Rock and Roll and Country sets with the Woodhorn Pit Six in the orchestra playing in the pit for the Pop set.

“We’re selecting music from the 1950’s in each of the musical genres and will have a 1950’s themed sketch, game show or commercial in each set as well,” said Walker. “It’s going to be lots of fun doing the costuming, some choreography and learning the music.”

Singers, dancers and musicians should call Paxton or Rhodes at the Albia Newspapers, 641-932-7121 or 641-799-9121. High school age through adults typically perform in the Follies, but if there is a really good younger be-bopper interested in doing 50’s music, they are also welcome to call.

Rehearsals will take place throughout July and nightly July 28, 29 and 30. Shows are Aug. 1-2.

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