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The Albia Community School Board is getting close to making a decision on its next major school infrastructure improvement plan. RDG Planning and Design provided the board with alternatives to solving ongoing infrastructure issues. A decision will likely be made at the board’s September meeting to place the extension of the school’s Revenue Purpose Statement before voters which would extend the one-cent sales tax until 2049. Currently it expires in 2029 funding.

Regardless of the board’s ultimate decision to address HVAC (air conditioning the remainder of the high school and junior high and upgrade heating), the board would like to see the Revenue Purpose Statement extended to allow the district to continue to purchase technology and school buses from the one cent (commonly called S.I.L.O.) sales tax.

General obligation bonds which would raise property taxes, are not being considered for any future infrastructure plans.

Air conditioning the remaining parts of the high school and junior high are at the top of the priority list for this project, paid for through an extension of S.I.L.O. funding.

The board is considering two plans, one at a cost of just over $2 million that would include replacing steam boilers with condensing style boilers for hot water heating and the use of VRF air-cooled condensers (standard air conditioning condensers). The second option would cost $2.3 million and include replacing steam boilers with condensing style boilers for hot water heating, replacing heating water pumps, removing the career center boiler and pumps and tie the career center heating sytem into the remainder of the building. Cooling would come from an air-cooled chiller system with new chilled water pumps.

Another $145,300 would be spent on upgrades to electrical and lighting controls.

The board was presented three plans for the second part of the high school/junior high upgrade that would remodel and improve the fine arts rooms at the school.

The third proposal, which included building a “gymatorium” at a cost of over $7 million was not moved forward by the board, although doing either of the other two plans would not preclude future building of a “gymatorium.”

The first plan would be to flip art and band rooms and remodel each for specific educational purposes. It would also include improvements to the current vocal music room (multi-purpose room). The cost would come in at $1.2 million.

The second plan under consideration would be to add a new band addition at a cost of $1.25 million, bring vocal music into the current band room and remodel that space and remodel the current art space. The entire project would cost around $2.6 million.

Superintendent Kevin Crall said he would be talking to Band Director David Perry, Vocal Music Director Alex Steines and Art Teacher Kim Miller to get their ideas on the two projects.

Public hearings will be held should the board move forward on the HVAC and fine arts remodeling projects.

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