John Delaney

Democrat presidential primary candidate John Delaney may be best known to debate watchers as the guy who called out other candidates for suggesting a Medicare for all health care system and was booed by the crowd.

The former Maryland congressman is undeterred by the response to the rhetoric that other candidates are using to attract mostly far left primary voters.

“Every day that goes by, more people are focusing on the primary and the voter base that is more moderate,” he said.

“I believe in a long race and most Democrats with common sense will stand behind someone who can beat Donald Trump,” he said. “We’ve gone down the road of more left leaning candidates before and it hasn’t worked.”

Delaney shares most of the ideals of the 20 + candidates seeking his party’s nomination, but he says he is one of the only to put forth ideas that will actually work. “It makes no sense to put forth things that will never pass through Congress and that people don’t want,” he said, specifically directing that to the Green New Deal and climate change proposals.

“Look, I think we can get to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 by addressing automobiles, manufacturing, agriculture and large transportation (air travel and shipping), but there’s no way it’s going to get done in 10 years.”

Delaney promotes a carbon tax with equal payback to energy consumers, and the development of natural gas and nuclear energy. “You can do what we want to do to address climate change and be against nuclear,” he said.

He also wishes Congress would have passed the 2013 Immigration Reform Act and lays the blame at the feet of then House Majority Leader Boehner, who feared reprisal from Liberty Caucus members. Ironically, most of what President Trump wants to do with the immigration issue was in the 2013 bill that passed through the Senate.

Delaney is no fan of President Trump. “I think he’s an idiot,” he said, then rolled back his own rhetoric. “Some of the things he says are idiotic. Actually, he is extremely clever when it comes to politics. But America is made to withstand people like Donald Trump. People outside our country have said they marvel at the strength of our institutions.”

Delaney is bumping up against some of the more radical proposals put forth by other candidates. He thinks attempting to pack the Supreme Court, adding six more members advocated by Pete Buttigieg is stupid and unnecessary. A man who made his fortune in financing health care companies, isn’t prone to promoting 100 percent government health care.

“First of all, it’s unaffordable,” he said. “Secondly, I always return to my father who was a union worker and the pride he had in his hard won union private health insurance.”

He thinks there is still common ground in the country. “I think we can move on things like infrastructure,” he said.

Delaney is Irish-Catholic and says he is personally against abortion but supports Roe v Wade as “the law of the land.” When reminded Congress has never enacted a law regarding abortion, he nodded and moved on to the next subject.

One thing Delaney is doing that others in the 22-member field is campaigning personally in every county in Iowa...even counties like Monroe County that voted solidly for Donald Trump and virtually every other Republican on the ballot. Like facing off with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the debates, Delaney is not afraid to confront and discuss issues with people who disagree with him.

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