Della Vedova Scholarship

2019 Della Vedova Scholars include from left, Lane Scieszinski, Bradley Yenger, Sydney DeBruin, Andrew Winke, Joe Beary, Brandon Persons; back, presenter Tim Shehan, Gannon Osing, Cameron Stocker, Nathan Herz, Tyler Pasut, Karter Spieler, Trent Garver. Not pictured, Jer McAninch, Colton Dorpinghaus, Paige Greiner, Matthew Starcevic, Ben Mason.

Since its establishment in 1990, the Rino and Ruth Della Vedova Scholarship Trust has provided over $1.38 million in tuition, book and lab expenses and room and board for Albia Community High School students.

Initially awarded to students entering the fields of engineering and architecture, the trust has expanded to provide scholarships for students entering the field of medicine, technology, math education, computer science and graphic design. Part of the awarding of a scholarship is that a student demonstrate an interest in working in the state of Iowa upon graduation.

Earning Della Vedova Scholarships were at the May 17 Senior Awards assembly were:

Joe Beary, son of Pat and Andrea Beary, for continuing study of ag engineering at Iowa State University.

Sydney DeBruin, daughter and Stuart and Denise DeBruin, for continuing study of math education at the University of Northern Iowa.

Colton Dorpinghaus, son of Greg and Jani Dorphinghaus, for continuing study of industrial design at Iowa State University.

Trent Garver, son of Matt and Julie Garver, for continuing study of industrial engineering at Kansas State University.

Paige Greiner, daughter of Peter and Lisa Greiner, for continuing study of aerospace engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Benjamin Mason, son of Kyle McCombs and Rhonda Mason, for continuing study of electrical engineering at South Dakota State University.

Jer McAninch, son of Kirk and Susan McAninch, for study of ag systems technology and industrial technology at Iowa State University.

Gannon Osing, son of Doug and Lynne Osing, for continuing study of construction management at the University of Northern Iowa.

Tyler Pasut, son of Mike and Kim Pasut, for continuing study of chemical engineering at Iowa State University.

Brandon Persons, son of John and Sara Persons, for continuing study of robotics engineering at Worchester Polytechnic Institute.

Lane Scieszinski, son of Mike and Julie Scieszinski, for continuing study of architectural technologies at Des Moines Area Community College.

Karter Spieler, son of Mike and Kay Spieler, for continuing study of electrical engineering at Iowa State University.

Matthew Starcevic, son of Joe and Jan Starcevic, for continuing study of computer science at Drake University.

Cameron Stocker, son of Dan and Julie Stocker, for continuing study of statistics at Iowa State University.

Andrew Winke, son of Bill and Pam Winke, for study of aerospace engineering at Iowa State University.

Bradley Yenger, son of Jeff and Carol Yenger, for study of electrical engineering at Iowa State University.

Who was Rino Della Vedova?

Rino Della Vedova was the son of first generation Italian immigrants in Albia, whose father taught him the construction trade, specifically terrazo flooring. He started college to study engineering, but finances and WWII interupted his education. He was an integral part of the development of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (M.A.S.H.) system in the war in Africa and Europe, rising from the rank of private to major.

He returned home to marry Ruth and with his brother, Aldo, founded Della Vedova Brothers Construction, eventually forging a life-long friendship and business partnership with Dwight Vredenburg of the Hy-Vee Food Store chain and was the primary builder of Hy-Vees throughout Iowa and the Midwest until his retirement.

He also restored many of the buildings around the Albia square. Ruth died in 1996 and Rino died in 2009.

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