Auxiliary with MCHC Staff

Pictured with the new bladder scanner from left, Marilyn Koffman, Mary Woodcock, Amanda Makita, Physician Assistant Student; Lori Vitko, ARNP; Medical Clinic, Marilyn Johnson, Sally Bachman, Cleon Cap, Julie Schreitmueller, Kathy Griffin; Brad Leedom, Emergency Services Manager; Ruth Belzer, Margaret Mordan, Darcy Fuller, ARNP; Emergency Services, Colleen Putnam.

The Monroe County Hospital Auxiliary recently purchased a $10,000 bladder scanner for the hospital.

“We are so fortunate to have such a generous group of auxiliary volunteers at Monroe County Hospital and Clinics,” said MCHC CEO Veronica Fuhs.

They purchased and donated a bladder scanner which may be used in all patient care departments. It is a simple procedure that healthcare personnel can do and the patients are not charged for it, because it is a screening process, not a diagnostic one.

The scanner is a small portable ultrasound-type machine, costing almost $10,000. The medical staff also responded to a mail campaign to assist in funding the purchase.

 The equipment can be used on men, women, children, and pregnant women.  The process involves moving a smooth “scanner” about the size of an elongated softball over the bladder area of the patient.  Determination can be made regarding the amount of urine in the bladder.   

This is important to evaluate if a patient is actually emptying their bladder. If after voiding they are retaining urine, there is an increased chance of urinary tract infections. (Prior to obtaining the scanner, the patient would void and then need to be catheterized to determine if there was urine in the bladder, a procedure both uncomfortable and one that creates the possibility of infection.)

 All of the providers are happy to know that this equipment is now available. Training for the staff begins July 9.

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