For over 50 years of my life, as a student and teacher, this time of year has been and remains very important to me. It was back to school time. Now, guess what? It is back to school time and it is the beginning of months of hard work by teachers and support staff at all levels. Please keep all of them and kids in your prayers for a safe and productive year.

You know, as a former teacher, I know that we were always striving to develop competency in our students in the classroom, in extracurricular endeavors, and in life. Competency is vital in all of our endeavors. Unfortunately, it is not always attained. In fact, it seems there is a lot of incompetency in our country for many reasons.

In 1 Samuel 17: 48-51, we see a lesson on it. King David learned first hand about the development of it. He learned it takes time. Samuel had anointed young David, a teenager, as future king of Israel. But he did not automatically become king. In fact, it took years.

In the military realm, David achieved marvelous success. That success was prepared for by taking on lions and bears as a shepherd boy, long before he slew Goliath the giant on the battlefield. But in that interim, God was working on and developing during this time of waiting, the skills and competency so that his wisdom and trust would be added to his courage.

He was developing competency to be the man and king he was called to be. His faith grew as he saw again and again the Lord’s presence in his life through scores of memorable events. It took time, a positive and teachable attitude and waiting on God.

Competency in anything takes those same attributes. The Lord, in particular, works in us over time helping us to hone certain skills so we can be successful and effective. We need to realize that and have a patient and teachable and positive attitude.

We need the commitment to learn and work ethic just as our students do and as David demonstrated. Often though, we want too much, too soon. We want to be highly competent immediately even though our skills take time to fully develop. That kind lead to frustration, quitting, and discontent.

That too often happens in our society. In reality, it is important to know we gain skills and wisdom and character slowly. Our kids and, yes, we ,need to know that.

Success takes time and a stick to it attitude. Greatness in anything demands it. Till next time, grace and peace.

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