Lots of soup suppers and the like going on this time of year which really help area churches. Hope you can attend as many as possible. Iconium Soup and Oyster Supper is this Saturday night beginning at 4 and do not forget the Albia St. Mary’s election day dinner on Tuesday. All of the area events have great food and fellowship and help the churches share the Good News.

On the political front, make sure you vote if you have not. And prayers for the Jewish community in Pittsburgh after the shootings in the synagogue there. Anti-semitism is growing and it is a sign of the times. To be anti Jew is an affront to God.

I appreciate all those who sent cards to my mom, Gladys, on her 100th birthday. My dad turns 101 next week and I thank God for both of them. Their health is waning but they have been a blessing.

I was talking to someone this week who has really questioned God of late and His promises and it is someone who is a really good person but who has drifted from prayer, worship and devotions. Drift is a subject I have spoken of before. It leaves us with a sense of unhappiness and bitterness and a lost feeling. It also causes us to be angry and bitter against others and not see things clearly. Of course, to tell someone that is to risk animosity, but it is true. Apart from God we are but a shell of what we can be and are vulnerable to every ill wind the world and the devil can throw at us.

In Hosea 2:19-20 we see that we are all meant to know God and know Him well. He wants that and we need it, whether we know it or not. To know someone intimately we need to know their character and heart and throughout the Bible we can see God very clearly. We can know what motivates Him and what He wants for us. In Hosea, God uses the word “betrothed,” which means engaged and it is used as He wants us to know that He wants a relationship with us and a close one.

The problem is we can know about God but we can fail to know Him. He wants us to know Him in a deep loving way. The world rejects this, as do many people who even call themselves Christians but to deny this fact is to sell ourselves short and our lives in general.

We need to know the ways of God because they are critical in knowing Him. If we see His ways then we know His heart and as David said in Psalm 25:4-5, life’s greatest joy is knowing Him personally and intimately.

We should also know the ways of God because He wants us to know them. He wants more than a shallow relationship with Him; He wants us to see Him as one we love and who loves us.

We need to know the ways of God because whether we know it or not, our hearts yearn for that. We need to worship God because we were created to do so. He wants our fellowship and we need it. When we are out of fellowship with God, everything sooner or later goes stale , our lives, our relationships and our joy and hope.

We need to know the ways of God because He does love us more than we deserve or can imagine. He wants the very best for us and He has wonderful plans for us. Unfortunately we get in the way of those plans a lot and mess things up, often because we have lost our ability to sense what He wants for us because we are not close to Him. Ephesians 3:20 says He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we hope or ask or think.

We need to know God and His ways because they are the best way. No matter what we may face or endure or how difficult the choices we are forced to make, we can be certain His ways are the best. He will guide us and give us strength and wisdom if we are willing to seek it and follow it.

We need to know God and His ways because they alone put us on the path to success. The world gives us a lot of formulas for success but only God has the best plan and the right one. When we are obedient to His will in our lives 1 John 2:17, we will find success in our jobs, our relationships, in everything. Job 42:2 says that no one can thwart God’s plans. I find that a comforting verse. He will achieve the victory when we submit to Him.

The bottom line today is this… how well do you know God? How much do you spend time with Him? How much to you value your time with Him? Have you turned your back on Him? Have your relationships gone sour; your day to day joy eluded you; your whole life seemed lonely and pointless? If you get back to God and try to know Him and His ways and works and will for your life, you will be surprised how things change. The reason I can say this is because he says in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek for Me with all your heart.” If you feel lost and lonely and dpressed and bitter and angry and your life seems a mess, if your relationships are failing and your life seems to be going nowhere, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you get right with Him. God truly wants us to know and love Him. Only He can satisfy the hunger in your heart. Only He can really fix things and only He can give you hope and meaning. You may reject that notion and reject those who share that with you. But my guess is that if you have and do, then you had better try it His way because I would imagine what you are doing is not working. His way, always does. Till next time. Peace

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