I woke up Monday morning with a bit of a hangover and it was not alcohol induced. Even though I spent a large portion of my weekend doing spring cleaning, visiting the landfill, attending a JDRF banquet, watching a youth gymnastics/tumbling meet and doing church, I spent way, way too much time in front of the television.

The second half of the day Friday was spent from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (I took a break to take my grandkids to a movie) watching the Iowa men, Iowa women, Drake women and Iowa State men in their respective NCAA first round tournament games.

Then THE ANNOUNCEMENT came. The Mueller Report had been concluded and delivered to Attorney General William Barr. Since this was history in the making I determined to watch as much as I could on two different cable news channels, my trusted Fox News and the completely bizarre MSNBC. I actually saw Rachel Maddow on MSNBC fighting back tears when it was announced that Mueller had offered no further indictments. It was the beginning of a minute-by-minute build-up of hysteria that has yet to lessen.

Fox News was actually muted (as was President Trump throughout most of the weekend) as they attempted to report on the report that has yet to be released to the public. Barr’s four-page letter that went pubic Sunday afternoon had Democrats and the liberal media shifting gears so hard, you could hear grinding through the TV screen.

If you’ve had any interest in following the General Conference of the United Methodist Church and the worldwide vote that carried by 54 percent that said Methodists would remain true to Holy Scriptures, the traditional view of marriage and its Book of Discipline, the response by Democrats and the mainstream media at news of Trump’s exoneration of Russian collusion was almost identical.

Methodist bishops in the U.S. and the progressive wing of the church didn’t like the outcome and are determined to either ignore the results or have the vote overturned. The mainstream media and Democrats don’t like what Mueller’s two-year probe unmasked and are seeking to go elsewhere. They’re like rats on a sinking ship looking to climb aboard the nearest life boat…and row back into what sank the ship in the first place.

There was no Russian collusion involving President Trump or any of his election team. That Mueller made abundantly clear. The one thing that has Trump haters clinging to the new life boat was the statement that Mueller made that he remained agnostic on some sort of obstruction of justice charge that was never in the original mix of the investigation and can actually only occur if the collusion charge was brought to bear. I think obstruction of justice rose to the surface because the President complained about his treatment by Mueller and occasionally fomented that he’d like to fire the whole bunch…which he never did. Mueller said that he didn’t have evidence of obstruction but was leaving the decision up to Attorney General Barr, who after speaking to Rod Rosenstein, the point man in the investigation, said he would not pursue the obstruction charge.

It’s about as clear as mud, which gives the haters a fine thread to hang on to.

And they’re also yelping and whining about seeing the entire report, which if I’m hearing right they would never have received in its entirety. On any special counsel report, grand jury testimony and stuff that would endanger individuals or military security have to be redacted. However, short of that, I agree with everybody else. The report needs to see the light of day.

The crazy thing is that Trump haters seem to be saying that unless they see the entire report, like tomorrow afternoon, it will morph into something else. Let the AG do his job for crying out loud. Here’s what I’m thinking though. While Hillary Clinton and the whole Clinton Foundation cabal have not been a direct source of the investigation, what may have Mueller found in terms of the fake Russian dossier? And what might there be in the report about the Clinton campaign’s hatchet job on Bernie Sanders? And what of the FBI henchmen in love with Hillary who were trying to sink the Trump candidacy from the get go?

We might find out a whole lot of stuff we really never wanted to know.

Where we should go if we were unified as a nation is in the direction of making sure Russian operatives can never attempt to fiddle with a U.S. election again. But I don’t look for that to happen any time soon.

A word about the March Madness games. If you happen to be old school in terms of how basketball was played in the golden era of the game, when passing, jump shooting and defense played key roles, then the women’s game far surpasses the men’s.

Don’t get me wrong. I like watching collegiate men’s basketball, but it has become all about the dunk, three-point shots and clubbing each other to death defensively. Because the dunk isn’t part of the game and women are yet unable to take two steps and a dribble to fly into the basket, crisp passes, back cuts, pick and rolls, and the 15-foot jump shot create a game with a lot of grace and beauty.

My wife and I were completely captivated by the Iowa, Iowa State and Drake women. It’s also a game where short people can still exist. Elle Ruffridge, all 5’3” of her, Iowa high school’s all-time scoring leader, helped stick a dagger in the heart of the Cyclone women for her Missouri State team. Iowa’s Meagan Gustafson is simply magnificent to watch, but the Hawk’s 5’3” point guard, Tania Davis, gets her the ball a lot.

A LAST WORD about an extremely successful JDRF Benefit Bash. Diabetes is currently in epidemic stages in the U.S., ruining lives and costing U.S. health care billions.

People suffering from Juvenile (Type 1) Diabetes have no control over how, why or when they get the disease. People with Type 2 Diabetes do have some measure of control of a disease that destroys internal organs, sends people into blindness and amputations.

Ironically, if those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes would practice the same kind of discipline that people with Type 1 have, the reduction of Type 2 would be profound.

Creating a healthy diet, cutting down on alcohol intake, curbing sugar and carbohydrate intake and doing regular exercise could be part of the cure.

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