Monday is Veterans Day, and I strongly urge you to take the opportunity to attend any events in your area as we honor and remember those who have given so much to sustain our freedom.

I want to share a couple of things with you today. There was a church that had a man in the choir who, bless his soul, could not carry a tune at all. I mean he was tone deaf or something. Several people hinted to him that he could serve in other areas but he continued to show up diligently in the choir practice, the choir director was so upset that she went to the pastor and demanded that something be done. You have got to get that man out of the choir and if you do not, I and others are going to quit, she said.

Well, reluctantly, the pastor went to the man and suggested that he leave the choir. The man responded, “Why should I leave the choir?” The Pastor retorted, well people told me that you cannot sing. To that the man replied, well that is nothing, 50 people have told me that you can’t preach. Ouch!

There is a great point to that story..Probably many.

Sometimes we can get so impressed with our own abilities that we can look down on someone who seems not to be so blessed. Maybe I should say, what we think our own abilities.

The reality is that God has given us different talents and abilities and we should be respecters of that. But more than that, this story points out that we should not be hindrances, even and especially in churches, to those who want to serve and worship the Lord.

No board, no choir, no Sunday School, no anything is intended to be the private domain of anyone or even a small one Lord and that is who the church belongs to. All people who attend and worship are blessed to have that opportunity.

1 Corinthians 12:8, 10 and 28-30 and Romans 12:6-8 and Ephesians 4:11 make it clear that we are all part of the Body of Christ when we are a believer. The Church is not an exclusive club. It is imperative, not just in churches but in other matters. That we are to be facilitators of others who want to serve and not obstacles. We need to make room for people with grace and humility. To be sure, we need standards but standards are a lot different than private litmus tests.

On another front today. I want to share another story. I love, by the way, to tell stories. When you get older, it seems to be a thing one increasingly does and the good part is you get a pass on repeating them LOL.

This story is similar in message to one I just offered, so bear with me. There were two porcupines in a blizzard and it was very very cold,as well. They tried to huddle together but because they were pricked by each other’s quills, they moved apart. Soon, they were shivering again and had to lie side by side again for their own survival. They needed each other even though they needled each other!

The point of this story is this, there are many porcupine people running around and they all have their good points but you cannot get near them because their bad points prick too hard, Maybe it’s unkind words, gossip, general negativity, laziness, critical spirit, temper or whatever. But we all do better when we let our good points really shine through and work and pray to minimize the sharp edges or points in our lives.

Finally, getting back to my beginning today. Do honor our veterans this next week especially. And if you can, attend the free community breakfast at the Legion and also the 11 a.m service at the Legion Monday morning. Kudos to all the folks at the Albia High School who have a yearly Program for Veterans and luncheon. And Saturday night do not forget the great meal and auction at the Legion to benefit Welcome Home Soldier. Hope to see you at those. God bless.

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