Dave Paxton

I’m not exactly sure what members of the Democrat branch of the Me Too Movement are trying to prove with accusations of unwanted touching by former U.S. Senator and Vice President Joe Biden. If you Google “Creepy Uncle Joe” you’re going to find photographs from 30 years ago that portray the ex VP using his hands and lips frequently with women and girls.

A photo-shopped picture of Biden fondling the Statue of Liberty is pretty funny.

But even throughout his time as Barrack Obama’s vice president, nobody seemed to care. “That’s just Joe being affectionate,” is what virtually everyone would say. Now because one woman said he kissed the back of her head and another said he pulled her head toward his to rub noses, Joe Biden has suddenly become the poster boy for unwanted touching.

First of all, let me say this. I’m very frugal with my hugs and have never kissed anyone hello or goodbye except my wife. I’m not comfortable with PDAs (public displays of affection, even with my wife). I do hug friends and friend’s wives, my siblings and my kids and my nieces and nephews. But I much prefer a manly handshake or now the ever popular fist bump.

But I have guy friends who are huggers or give women a peck on the cheek, and it rarely embarrasses me or makes me think the guy (or girl) is some sort of sexual reprobate.

I have known a few of what I call “space invaders” some call them “close talkers” who walk to within about six inches of your face to talk to you. Or they rub shoulders or give you an unrequested back rub.

I’m not sure where Joe Biden falls in this area, but some of the photos capturing him around women are, indeed, creepy. And kissing the back of a woman’s head or doing an Eskimo nose rub with somebody is…well…creepy, at least to most people.

But does any of this rise to make him unfit to run for President?

If past practices had anything to do with anything, kissing the back of a woman’s head would pale to the voyeurism of Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy. But the Me Too Movement has turned past practice on its head, which may be okay, except that there is no burden of proof. If the woman says a man is making her nervous or has done something to cause discomfort at any level, he is guilty. Period. End of discussion. Even if it’s five or 10 or 15 years after the alleged incident and she never hit him with her purse.

Of course, the fact that Creepy Uncle Joe was accused by a former aide to Crazy Bernie Sanders, the other old white guy in the Democrat field for President, sort of makes you wonder.

I actually had a Great Aunt Helen (my grandmother’s twin sister) who probably created more PDA angst in me than any other person living. She was a twig of a woman, who chained smoked, wore bright red lipstick and nail polish and when we went to visit her would wrap her arms around you and smash those ruby red lips into your cheek or forehead. My Great Aunt Helen was the polar opposite of my Great Aunt Blanche who would love my brother and me by handing us a super hero comic book and then gently pat us on the head.

Of course, had we misbehaved in front of her, it’s likely she would have rolled up the comic book and cracked us over the head. Except that we never misbehaved in front of her. She was comfort, Aunt Helen made you sweat just thinking about her greeting.

Sometimes I wonder if Joe Biden isn’t stuck somewhere between the stoicism of the men of the Greatest Generation and the let it all hang out men of the Baby Boom Generation, without a real sense of being. He is 76, born in the middle of WWII. The men of my father’s generation were generally jaded by both the Great Depression and WWII service. Clearly, they were affectionate to their wives because there would have been no Baby Boom Generation without that.

But the men I grew up with in my farm neighborhood didn’t get cuddly (at least in public) with anybody until their grandchildren came along and years of hard work and trying to put the war behind them softened their interior.

My generation, on the other hand, tended to be rebellious and we thought we felt deeper and loved more purely than those in our father’s generation. A whole lot of who we were was wearing outlandish clothing, long hair and spouting off what we thought was really hip stuff. A lot of Baby Boomers did considerable self-medicating as young people as well.

My father’s generation’s credo was “We’ve got to fight this damned war.” My generation’s credo was “Make love not war.”

For Creepy Uncle Joe Biden, he had a foot in both generations, growing up without a clear identity.

There is another part of Joe Biden’s personality not being talked about at all in the national media. Joe Biden lost his first wife and a year-old daughter in a fatal car accident. He lost a son to brain cancer. People who suffer personal tragedy tend to move in one of two directions. They can isolate themselves and turn stony and stoic or they can become extremely tender and affectionate. Perhaps Joe Biden is an example of the latter.

PRESIDENT TRUMP has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t like windmills, mostly because he believes they look like crap, particularly around his golf courses.

It’s also clear that Iowa politicians (Sen. Charles Grassley in particular) like the wind industry, which creates good manufacturing jobs and clean energy.

But there is a lack of honesty from both sides of the wind energy issue. Grassley was right when he called Trump’s claim of windmills causing cancer “idiotic.” There is no evidence of that and a man who questions global warming “science” should be more careful with this kind of rhetoric.

On the other hand, wind energy would not exist without massive government subsidies and there is problematic evidence of physical and emotional problems caused by the incessant whining of the turbines. A whole lot of people agree the wind fields look like crap and there is undeniable proof they are hard on birds.

But windmills are here to stay, so it would behoove everyone to tell the truth about the benefits and downsides of wind power.

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