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Hey NFL players...your kneeling is stupid - Albia Newspapers: Opinion

Hey NFL players...your kneeling is stupid

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Posted: Friday, September 29, 2017 10:01 am

I stopped watching NFL football regularly last year when Colin Kaepernick disrespected the flag. It’s my free speech right, that is to turn the channel. The NFL has done nothing to regain my allegiance.

For those who believe this is about free speech, sit down and read a civics books. In fact, drag out that worn and beleaguered document called the U.S. Constitution. Freedom of speech is a guaranteed right against the government. It doesn’t waste one word about having the freedom to shoot off your mouth against an employer or use private enterprise to validate your own wretched way of thinking.

It is not Kaepernick’s “constitutional” right to kneel (when tradition, your NFL team or union contract language says you stand) at the playing of the National Anthem. If it were true that Kaepernick has a constitutional right to act like a jack ass on a privately owned field, it would also be his constitutional right to tell NFL owners that he should make their teams, be given a starting position and be paid more than the $7 million a year the 49ers offered him.

Actually he can spout off or dance naked in the street if he wants to, but it is an NFL team’s right to fire him on the spot. A young shift manager for a Burger King in Des Moines basically did what Kaepernick did, except it was over his demands for a $15 “living” wage and he was summarily fired. The courts held that Burger King was completely within their legal right to fire him, even though he thought free speech was guaranteed.

So these dopey NFL players (all millionaires and all coddled at some point in their amateur and professional lives, almost all receiving full-ride scholarships to universities) are following Kaepernick who, at best, is an African-American wannabe. Kaepernick is half black and half white and was adopted by an affluent white couple and raised in wealthy white society. Other than having curly hair and darker skin, he has never been down for the cause.

Beyond all of that, liberal weanies who are fine with anarchists torching neighborhoods, shouting down anyone actually attempting to voice an opposing opinion and beating up innocent by-standers, are hysterical because the President used coarse language to voice his displeasure over overpaid, pampered NFL players dissing Old Glory and the National Anthem. What these dopes don’t understand is that 81 percent (according to recent scientific polls) of Americans were using the same language around the water cooler and at the convenience store Monday morning after suffering through another round of knee bending. As much as President Trump should stay away from calling a person an “S.O.B.” he’s got American solidly behind him.

(By the way, Presidents Andrew Jackson, Harry S. Truman and Lyndon Johnson, all Democrats, were famous for their profanity. The difference is, they spoke to reporters who protected them and didn’t have Twitter to act foolish.)

Here’s the real problem. These NFL players, starting with Kaepernick, are protesting around the wrong symbol for all the wrong reasons. It started with Kaepernick’s anger over a white cop shooting a black kid in Ferguson, Mo. So he is protesting white cops shooting innocent black men. Except that the thug who attempted to wrest away the officer’s service weapon had recently robbed a store. The entire story was a ruse. It was a hoax. It is as phony as the Black Lives Matter movement.

By the way, a white family in Iowa just received a $6 million judgment against a Hispanic cop in Texas for killing their truck driver loved one. Evil, or bad judgment or whatever you want to call it, is largely color blind. Cops can be thugs, too, just at a far lower rate than the general population.

The flag, for those who still believe it isn’t a symbol of bigotry and racial injustice, is actually a symbol of the unity of a flawed nation. It binds us together as one people, under one God, proven indivisible by racial and political strife, state borders and regional differences. The flag symbolizes our best efforts to provide liberty and justice for all. The fact that we’re a nation composed in part of Black Panthers, KKK members, left-wing anarchists, Muslim fanatics, idiot politicians and overpaid punk professional athletes, does not diminish the hope of a country forged on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and defended by men and women whose final and dearest honor is the flag draped over their casket.

I really didn’t cry much at my dad’s funeral until a military honor guard folded and handed my dad’s flag to my siblings and me.

So where is Kaepernick in standing against the black on black violence in Chicago that is killing hundreds every year? Where is his moral outrage when it comes to the all out assault on thousands of African-American children slaughtered by abortion every year? Where is his leadership when it comes to African-American fathers unwilling to support their own children?

We actually need guys like Kaepernick and the 600 or so NFL players dipping a knee against the flag, except that we need them to take righteous stands for standards of decency and traditional family values.

You know it would also be refreshing if NFL football players actually understood why it is they are playing and whom they are playing for. They play because mostly American men, yes a majority being white, are nuts about football and are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money and spend ridiculous amounts of time in front of a television watching what they do.

If not for the fan, there would be no professional athletics. We watch their games, buy and wear their stupid jerseys and pay confiscatory prices for tickets to the games. Without fans, most of these guys would be pumping gas (which is actually a more honorable profession than today’s professional football player).

And without regard to race or religion, these American men are sons of veterans, fathers of active duty military and some veterans themselves. We work long hours and look expectantly to Friday night when we can watch our sons and our friend’s sons play high school football, stretch out on the couch or head to our favorite college to watch football on Saturday and on Sunday enjoy the NFL and a well-earned nap in front of the TV.

These are three opportunities we don’t have to deal with the political reality of American life. We don’t have to wonder what the President is tweeting, or if another health care provider is going to dump out of Obamacare. The only color we care about is the color of our beloved team’s uniforms. Even the much maligned football helmet hides the racial identity of the player and we can celebrate victory and suffer defeat within the unity of our team.

NFL players, you play for me, or at least you did.

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