THERE IS SOMETHING desperately wrong with a segment of American culture when women stand up as if they were in a charismatic healing service, hands raised to the sky, cheering at the signing of a bill by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to allow abortion of healthy babies right up until the moment of delivery.

For all of the modern Hitler comparisons, this bill is truly something Hitler’s concentration camp experimenting physician Josef Mengele would have loved.

The bill allows for the killing of that baby outside the womb if the child is somehow born alive post abortion. The law is grisly and horrific and denies in total the unassailable science of child gestation and birth.

It is beyond understanding how women claiming to be feminists and advocates for women’s equality issues can cheer the signing of a bill that would effectively kill somewhere around 500,000 baby girls each year through the abortion industry in the United States.

These same people would claim to be advocates of racial equality and civil rights and yet a huge majority of both male and female babies aborted are African American. Actually, this was the mission of Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger. It was her “final solution” to American racial purity.

There was a time that pro-choice advocates admitted to grieving over the perceived need for abortion. They admitted to the emotional consequences of the women forced to make that decision. There was a time leaders in the Democrat party who supported this woman’s right to choose claimed that abortion should be “safe” and “rare.” There was a time when no one supported third trimester abortion unless it directly threatened a mother’s life.

Now we have people cheering the killing of children right up until a woman is dilating.

A retired U.S. Army field surgeon turned OBGYN doctor, who has delivered almost 3,000 babies is testifying to anyone (mostly Fox News people) who will listen that there is virtually no medical reason to abort a child in the third trimester. The only reason, he says, is for convenience. And yet how can you wrap your head around a woman carrying a child for over six months and then suddenly find her pregnancy inconvenient.

A law making its way through the Virginia legislature is even more abhorrent (if that’s possible) than the New York law. It would make illegal sonograms of an unborn child for a mother to view. The female legislator pushing the bill was forced to admit the language of the bill would allow a child to be killed moments before it entered the birth canal.

Kamala Harris, one of a number of socialists within the Democrat party running for President, told a gathering of people that there was no reason anyone should own an assault style rifle that “kills policemen and babies.” One of the darkened pro-abortion Democrats, this California congresswoman said it with a straight face, knowing that for every one baby somehow killed by gun violence, almost a million are killed at the hands of abortionists.

Gov. Kim Reynolds said of Iowa’s fetal heartbeat bill that was (predictably) overturned by a district court judge, “I am incredibly disappointed in today`s court ruling, because I believe that if death is determined when a heart stops beating, then a beating heart indicates life."

I’m encouraged by women like Gov. Reynolds.

In writing this column going on 40 years, I try to be cheery at some point in my writing. To apply lipstick to this pig would be a disservice to humanity.

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