Asa became diseased in the feet, and his malady was severe, yet in his disease he did not seek the Lord. 2 Chronicles 16:12

 Everyone reading this article would absolutely say with me, that faith is so important. But did you know that faith is not static, it is a living, breathing relationship with God? I was sharing from Psalm 103 on Sunday in church, which is so full of wonderful things that I hope you read it. But one of the things I stressed was that the word steadfast is repeated several times. Each time it refers to the Lord being steadfast in love, mercy, compassion, etc. Steadfast meaning: never wavering towards us. But we need to make sure our faith is steadfast, too. Which takes me back to the point that faith is not static, but a living, breathing relationship with and in God. If we are to be steadfast, never wavering in our faith, we need to cultivate it by staying in His Word, prayer, and yes, hooking up with a good Bible believing church. Unfortunately, too few do that and their faith wavers and when they need it the most, it is pretty thin. We, in short, need steadfast faith. Right now in our homes and families and country, steadfast faith is essential. What are you doing to make yours that way??

Along those lines, I want to share with you a story about a king of Israel, King Asa. We can find accounts of him in 2 Chronicles chapter 14. He was a man who had great faith in the Lord and trusted Him. He started a big revival in Israel, which we need. The country flourished and the lives of its people. In chapter 15, he hears directly a prophetic message from God. Things are looking great.

But several years pass and by chapter 16, this great and good king wants nothing much to do with God. His diseased feet were a big problem but more than that, it was his wayward faith which was once so vibrant that had him on a wrong path where he was no longer steadfast. No fire, no passion in his walk with the Lord.

Why did that happen you ask? Maybe it was that his devotional and Scripture time waned. Maybe he let all other things crowd it out and became too busy. Maybe he let angers and problems and bitterness torment him. But whatever the causes or combinations of causes, this great steadfast man of faith saw his conscience and spiritual life tank, not overnight but over time. His spiritual walk was dulled. Therein, he is like so many of us.

Are we Christian, maybe, but through one thing and another, we have seen our faith become secondary to us and we are unrecognizable from where we once were and need to be. Remember I said faith is not static, it either grows and is vibrant and living and breathing or it grows weak and dull. Asa then serves as a warning to us all. We need to walk closely with God every day, not just when we feel like it or it is convenient. We need to avoid temptations and confess our sins quickly. Our conscience should be attuned to the Lord and doing what is right and our lives need tuned into His Holy Spirit. We need, which Asa lost, a tender heart, a heart tuned into the Lord. Unfortunately, we are too often like a radio station where our lives are simply unrecognizable static instead of a clear signal.

John, the apostle, in the Book of Revelation, warns against having a lukewarm spiritual life. He says that it is better to be hot or cold. Unfortunately, too many allow their lives of faith to become lukewarm over time. We need to make sure our faith walk is always warm, not lukewarm or cold. To do that, we need a close daily walk with God.

Are you meandering through life lately? Is your heart cold which in turn has made your feet cold? Don’t follow in Asa’s later footsteps but commit yourself to get with the program. Allow the Lord to stir your life and heart to all it can be and make sure that you do not wake up some day and wonder where your life has taken you. Walk with Him and if you have wandered, get those feet moving and catch up to Him. He is waiting for you.

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