How the Democrat Party has allowed Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez to be the spokesman for the party and its progressive movement is beyond explanation. It partly shows how utterly undisciplined Democrats are in the Congress in not bridling this young dimwit.

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King was severely disciplined over inarticulate statements causing people to think he was anti-semitic (in fact he is a huge supporter of Israel) and a completely stupid Confederate flag that he stubbornly refuses to remove from his desk. He was stripped of committee assignments and re-assigned to the Congressional dumpster.

Republicans should apologize to King and give him back all of his committee seats with the likes of AOC and the equally crazy Muslim Congresswomen from Minnesota Ilhan Omar and Michigan’s Rashida Tialib stating stupid, crazy, anti-American, pro-radical Islamic crap constantly.

It was Ocazio-Cortez bleating about holding facilities on the U.S. southern border that has really ticked off people. Her calling these temporary detention centers “concentration camps” is an affrontary to Jews around the world whose population was nearly wiped out by Adolph Hitler in WWII. Nazi (the National Socialist Party of Germany) concentration camps were used to murder over six millions Jews starting in about 1938 and going until U.S. forces and their tanks broke into Germany and fought their way to free those awaiting the gas chambers.

Ocazio-Cortez, a product of New York City public schools, is an ignoramus in comparing U.S. detention camps and Nazi concentration camps. Here’s a very brief synopsis.

In WWII, Nazis rounded up Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and other people deemed undesirable for Hitler’s “Final Solution,” robbed them of their possessions, shot many on site, put the rest on trains and deposited them at concentration camps in Germany and Poland and then systematically murdered them, either by slave labor, ghastly experimentation or the gas chamber.

U.S. border detention camps, on the other hand, take in illegal aliens who have come to the U.S. border on their own volition. They are arrested, placed temporarily in mostly clean, relatively comfortable holding facilities, processed and are either freed into the U.S. or sent back into Mexico. The reason the conditions are so bad is that Central American (most notably Mexican) policies toward illegals have created this huge influx of people entering the country, swamping the ability of U.S. customs and border control people to deal humanely with everyone coming across.

The leading (sort of) Democrat candidates are having a race to give away stuff (mostly your money stolen to feed government). Free Medicare for all, free college and a payoff of all college debt, $12,000 stipend for every man, woman and child in America, free health care and education for all illegal aliens, and the list goes on and on.

Reparations for American blacks whose

families came from slaves has been around for awhile but is being pushed hard by people like Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

So too are reparations for ancestors of Native Americans whose lands were taken by white pioneers are also on the list. They don’t talk much about reparations for Native Americans whose land was taken by other Native Americans. The Comanches, for instance, were notorious for attacking other tribes, killing the men, plundering their horse herd and carrying off their women, along with laying claim to their land.

Black Americans whose genealogy dates back to free Americans living in the north are apparently S.O.L. So are white Americans whose kin (to the tune of about 300,000) were killed fighting to free the slaves. My great-great-grandfather Williams had his leg blown off in the Civil War, survived and sat in a lighthouse on Lake Michigan for the rest of his days. He stayed and watched the lake for boat crashes while his family hopped a train and high-tailed it to the Oregon Territory. I’m thinking my brothers and sisters and I should get paid something for his pain and suffering.

But no.

How about the sons and daughters of Erin, who got off the boat from Ireland in the late 1850s only to be conscripted and sent into the Civil War to fight for the abolition of slavery. Let’s see. Starved in Ireland, enslaved by the U.S. government via draft to fight against slavery. Do the families of the O’Tooles, the O’Bannons, the O’Rourkes not deserve reparations?

Apparently not.

Now comes the latest Democrat platform. Reparations for gays, lesbians, transgendered, bi-sexuals and queers, apparently in the form of tax rebates because somewhere along the way they didn’t get a tax break for being denied the right to marry.

Couple of things here. Gays and lesbians don’t procreate, so it would be hard to know where to send the check were they already dead and if they had married without having children, they would have actually suffered a “marriage penalty” long complained about by heterosexual couples who don’t have children.

These people are crazy.

Under the heading “hutzpah,” an independent contractor working for Henry County (Mount Pleasant) filed a lawsuit against the county for wrongful termination and unpaid wages. The Henry County Board of Supervisors fired the environmental specialist, serving since 1999, for being unable to produce documentation of tens of thousands of dollars in expenses.

So the county did an audit preparing for the lawsuit and discovered she had been submitting (and receiving) pay requests for an intern who never worked for her, travel to conferences she never attended and reimbursement for cell phone and internet services never used among other things. All together she raked in almost $200,000 of ill-gotten gain.

But she is continuing on with the lawsuit over such things as not being able to collect vacation pay and sick time or retirement benefits because she was a contract employee. She’ll get vacation time, all right, and it will be at home in Mount Pleasant at the state prison.

The other bizarre story in this week’s Des Moines Register was about a Saydel High School Music Booster Club treasurer who lost an election as treasurer in April of 2018, was asked to turn over records and instead had her attorney ask school officials if she could repay the over $20,000 she had bilked from the club in installments.

I remember one of my children coming to me when they were about four, mouth covered in chocolate, asking if they could have a candy bar. It’s all sort of the same part of Adam’s fall.

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