Well, welcome to Fall! A few points today for thought. First of all, keep my mom and dad, Gladys and David, in prayer. They will be 100 and 101 in a month. They are still at home, despite my best efforts to do something different and better. Parents do, trust me, have trouble ever adjusting their role. Nonetheless, when you have lived in a home for 70 years and your mind is good, it is hard to leave. In the near future I will be addressing some caregiver issues all of us need to consider ahead of time. They are doing okay but every day is a concern. I spend a lot, a lot of time caring for them and helping them. But then, it is rewarding in its own way. I am grateful to God for all the time we have had, (and hoping for some more).

Secondly, I do not know how the Senate will decide on the Kavanagh appointment to the Supreme Court. I do not know if the belated, by about 40 years, charges against him by a couple of women are true. I have my opinions. But I do know a greater issue is that we have become a nation where you are increasingly being forced to prove the negative, which is impossible. We have become a nation where you are no longer innocent until proven guilty. And we have become a nation where allegations, just allegations, are enough to destroy people by the simple inference without proof. Kavanagh, even if innocent, is, as is his family, damaged beyond belief. The second accuser refused to be interviewed except by the New Yorker Magazine and admits she was so drunk she does not even remember if there was a party or if he was there. Some witness! We are increasingly driving good people away from public life. That is sad. We are increasingly losing any concept in this increasingly Godless society of the term GRACE. We are increasingly coming apart at the seams and we are increasingly having a nation of double standards where even youthful indiscretions are considered ruinous.

And how is this for hypocrisy? Hillary Clinton said this week that we have to give these young women the benefit of the doubt. That sure goes counter to what she had to say about the countless women her husband was accused of many serious things with. I also know that we need to be concerned about the crimes and abuse of women in our society. There is no excuse for it. We need to make sure that all people are treated with respect at all times. Unfortunately, in the name of political expediency, that happens less and less. I do not know how all of this plays out, but I do know that there are no winners but the big loser is the Republic.

This is mostly about one agenda vs. another and the big issue of the agenda is abortion. And I have said it before and will again, abortion is a sin of great abomination before God and America will be judged for it.

Gary Dolphin and Ed Podolak, Iowa football announcers, recently visited the Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. They saw a young woman who had delivered a baby way premature at 6 months who was barely bigger than Gary and Ed’s hand. Yet the excellent care of doctors and prayers resulted in the child’s survival.

How many millions of children have been terminated at that same age and beyond? How many millions of people would have loved to adopt them? Abortion is a money making industry for Planned Parenthood and many on the left. It is used as belated birth control too often. You may not like what I am saying, but it is true and verifiable. It is an issue we do not like to contemplate but it is an issue that defines us as a people. It always affects my vote and always is in my prayers.

Many have experienced it. They deserve our prayers and forgiveness and love, not condemnation. Yet, as long as we stand for death in our children, we have a taint that equals slavery at the least. Last week I talked of defending our children from murderous crimes. This week, I mention the above. The key to all of this is that we all seek to love one another and live by the faith of the Son of God. Only God’s love and compassion and grace can get us individually and collectively where we need to be.

Now on to the core of my message today…All of us have heard of King David, Moses, Abraham, Peter, Paul, Sampson and a host of other great figures in the Bible. But have you heard of Dorcas, Abiathar, Mephibosheth, Hushai, Jonathan, Balaam, and others? Some of you maybe. But most, probably not. Yet they are all important characters of the Bible but in a very much more minor way. Dorcas was a seamstress for the apostles. But she was considered so important that when she fell to her death, she was raised to life by them. Abiathar was priest that joined and supported David at a critical time. Mephibosheth was shown great kindness by King David and was a close friend, though crippled beyond belief. He was David’s best friend’s son. Hushai gave advice to David that saved his life. Jonathan was the best friend of David and a Godly man killed in battle, Balaam was a kind of prophet that spoke and heard a donkey.

These are minor people but they all did significant things. They barely get much mention in the Bible but they do get mention. So, what is my point? The Gaither vocal Band sometime back wrote a song saying ;

“In the harvest field now ripened

there’s a work for all to do;

Hark! the voice of God is calling, to the harvest calling you. Refrain: Little is much when God is in it! LaThere’s a crown and you can win it, If you go in Jesus’ name In the mad rush of the broad way, In the hurry and the strife, Tell of Jesus’ love and mercy, Give to them the Word of Life. Refrain Does the place you are called to labor, Seem so small and little known? It is great if God is in it, And He’ll not forget His own, The song goes on but you get the gist. We all have a calling where we have the opportunity to use the gifts, talents, and blessings God has given us and use them to make a difference and help others. Everyone born has them. Many never use them. Many never come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and many live failed lives. That need not be the case. God has a great plan for all. A great purpose. When we seek what that is for each day and all our days, we can make such a profound difference fo so many we come in contact with. What we do can have eternal consequences. Like the above names, we may barely, if ever be known. Countless unnamed people in the Bible were still very significant. While we may seemingly feel that we can do so little and that we may seem so insignificant, we are never seen that way by God. The song really hits a home run with that concept. We may never be famous or rich or known for what we do, but God knows us and cares. The important thing is to do something, to make a difference. It is never about fame or fortune or even extrinsic notice or praise. Some people thrive and seek it all the time. But that is not the key. The key is that, as the song says later, when our race on earth is done, “He will say, if we were faithful, welcome home my child, well done.” Make a difference! Grace and peace.

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