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Computer snakes slither through the Mac - Albia Newspapers: Opinion

Computer snakes slither through the Mac

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Posted: Friday, November 3, 2017 10:40 am

MY COMPUTER DESK is a snakes’ nest of cords, extensions, plugins and equipment. Some of its areas are so sensitive that the wrong move can unplug the whole shebang, and that’s what happened this morning.

It took The Mister almost an hour of crawling around the desk and its environs to hitch up and refasten the appropriate cords, extensions and plugins. I didn’t know enough all those years ago to marry him for his electricity and computer technology, but if I knew then what I know now - some 64 years later - I’d surely have snatched him up in a hurry.

All in all, my Mac is my trusted friend and colleague. I catch up on news with The Drudge Report, check facts and do research on RefDesk, and keep in touch with friends and family with email and in this space.

I am learning, however, that the Internet has its dark side. An identity protection site advertises, “We’ll check, to see if your personal information is listed on the Dark Web.” Dark Web? A quick check reveals that this is a secretive part of the Internet that is not .searchable by search engines like Google and FireFox. Users don’t reveal their actual names, and some of its shady businesses include murder-for-hire and drug deals.

Another secretive sideline: the Bitcoin. This is "virtual currency, apparently as valuable as the real stuff, but it’s cyberstuff. I couldn’t buy groceries with it but BitCoin users can trade BitCoin for drugs and even murder-by-hire. And it’s obtainable by “miming,” which requires special apps and hardware.

Dark Web and BitCoin are out of my league, but Deep State may be a bugaboo closer to my life.

Deep State is described as the core group of entrenched civil servants, lobbyists, and other interest groups that actually run the country, regardless of whoever won the most recent election. The Mainstream Media is considered the Deep State handmaiden. When some law or action is struggling to pass, according to common belief, it’s because the Deep State doesn’t want it. Deep State is focused upon retaining its power; that’s why President Trump seems to be facing such opposition. It’s not a political party thing. .

CHRISTMAS CATALOGS have been arriving through October, but for my annual catalog column, I don’t start collecting and counting until Nov. 1. It’s my rule, so I’ll break it: a recent catalog had a 6-foot teddy bear,with personalized T-shirt for $150. Somewhere, I read that 40 percent of Americans sleep with their teddies; t;his would be a perfect gift for one of the 40 percent.

I DON’T YET have my copy of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, for its weather predictions for next year, but a recent news story gave me pause for thought. Some weather scientist has a cockamamie theory autumn in Siberia. According to that, the polar vortex is then blocked until January, when all weather hell will break loose upon us. I couldn’t follow the scientist’s reasoning, which had some parallel to leaving a refrigerator door open. Or closing it. Let’s see if January’s weather makes a believer out of me.

THIS SUNDAY, Nov. 5, we return to God’s time, instead of Daylight Savings Time. As long as DST goes on each year, it’s hard to see how much daylight it saves. By the time we “fall back,” it’s dark both at the beginning and end of each day.

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