Dave Paxton

Say what you will about Fox News, but a whole lot of stuff would go uncovered without it. The networks, along with the big newspapers in the country have been largely silent over outrageous statements made by Bernie Sanders and, in lesser part, Joe Biden over planted audience questions regarding the police.

It has become common for audience plants to throw out softball questions to presidential candidates, seeking certain audience responses (laughter, applause, booing, whatever).

It happens on both sides of the political spectrum. At Donald Trump rallies you don’t hear so much questions from the audience, but reaction to things the President says with follow up three word chants like “Lock her up!”

The latest plant in Democrat circles is this queston, “If I were an African American parent, what should I tell my teenage son or daughter to do if they are stopped by police?”

The planted question, in and of itself, is patently racist because it assumes a black kid should act differently than an Asian kid, Latino kid or white kid. There is some truth to the idea that police exercise different standards toward black youth in traffic stops, but it’s still race baiting.

The answer, given by Bernie Sanders was incredible, even by the crazy, whacked out socialist, commie standards of Bernie Sanders. “First of all,” he said. “I’d tell them to be respectful of the police…so that they don’t get shot in the back of the head.”

I actually had to take a deep breath when I saw the film clip of the wild-eyed, wild-haired Sanders saying that. It was like somebody hit me in the chest with a baseball bat. See, I’ve got a younger brother who wears blue and in the past six years or so, starting with Barack Obama’s ridiculous statements concerning Ferguson, Mo. and Black Lives Matter, my brother, the men and women on his force, and cops all over the country have had targets painted on their backs.

Later, in another venue, with Joe Biden sitting behind the microphone, he answered the exact same (planted) question by saying, “First of all, I wouldn’t have to tell my children anything because they are Caucasian.”

These two men are race-baiting, bigoted fools. For Sanders to suggest that young African Americans are routinely shot in the back of the head by police officers is about as hateful as anything I’ve ever heard. I’d dare this nitwit from the northeast to show me a single incident of a young black person being executed by a police officer with a gunshot to the back of the head. One. Give me one example.

I will take Donald Trump’s inarticulate, bluster (most of it in praise of our police and military) any day over Sanders and Biden condemning our police and military. How dare Democrats call Donald Trump a racist, when they have bigoted fools like Sanders and Biden leading the party.

Here’s a suggestion to anyone stopped by police. Be respectful. You’re being stopped and then approached by men and women who understand the risks they take every time they open their cruiser doors and walk up to a car. Listen carefully to what they’re asking you to do. There will be time to state your case. And most of the time, reason and understanding will prevail.

And if you think you’re getting a bum deal, there is a pretty good system in this country to let you be heard. Cops aren’t perfect. Cops make mistakes. But virtually every police officer, sheriff’s deputy, DNR officer, state trooper and even DOT people I’ve met, either professionally, socially or when I’ve been caught using a heavy foot, are trained to help.

Black, white, brown, officers of the law are not looking to shoot somebody in the back of the head.

Donald Trump gets a win for our special forces offing the two top leaders of ISIS. Period. Just like Obama got the win for our SEAL teams taking out Bin Laden. Hurray for the U.S.A. and the incredible people we have trained to destroy evil in the world.

Joe Biden was refused Holy Communion in a Catholic Church in South Carolina. Biden is a vigorous advocate of abortion on demand, which goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church. He may feel “personally” that abortion is wrong, but does nothing to preserve the lives of the unborn because of politics. The Catholic Church doesn’t roll like that. For all of his talk of being a “practicing Catholic,” he’s not and the church has a right to refuse him communion.

Frankly, I could care less if California burns, except that I have beloved relatives in San Francisco and Los Angeles, I’ve seen the red wood forests, viewed the peaks of John Muir National Park, driven the coastal highway and sipped wine near Napa Valley and body surfed in the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful part of our nation led by complete idiots.

Gov. Gavin Newsom bloviates about climate change causing the wild fires, while radical environmentalists have taken all reason and logic away from foresters and fire fighters in fixing the problem. It’s really pretty simple. If you don’t allow forestry and logging along with controlled burning, nature will do it for you.

Iowa would experience the same kind of wild fires were our land still covered by natural prairies. We don’t burn, because our soil is covered by corn and soybeans instead of nine-foot tall prairie grass. If California doesn’t want the logging industry to remove trees and brush that create tinder for fires, and do regular controlled burns in ecosystems that are sure to burn, then they should make it illegal to build homes anywhere near potential fire storms (which is essentially everywhere in the state except maybe the central valley).

I saw Gov. Newsom bitching about California power companies not upgrading their grid and burying power lines which have apparently caused massive power outages, but he forgets to mention the fact that the state has sold its soul to solar power and wind energy at the expense of keeping the traditional energy system in good working order.

It appears to this humble Iowan that California is reaping the reward of holding what some assume is environmental purity over the health and welfare of people.

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