Dave Paxton

One of my favorite “poisen pen” letter to the editor writers, Jerry Ethell of Milo, died at the age of 82. A native of Lovilia, I never met Jerry, but printed dozens of her letters to the editor and had even more that had the “not for publication” line before the letter.

She and I had terrific back and forth e-mail conversations on the letters she didn’t want printed. Jerry remains one of the most politically eclectic letter writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of arguing with. A devout Christian, Jerry was a sold out supporter of disgraced TV preacher Jimmy Swaggart, a preacher I have extremely low regard for. She would never admit to being a liberal or a Democrat (although she volunteered for Tom Harkin), but definitely did not like Republicans (particularly Donald Trump) and cast them as rich fat cats.

Jerry would write voluminous letters to prove her point and I would attempt to tear each apart in a personal reply. She never backed down. My only two regrets are that I couldn’t convince her of the evil of abortion and I never got to meet her personally.

Pete Buttigieg joins the growing number of Democrats invoking the name of Christianity and faith while being ignorant of theology and orthodoxy. Nancy Pelosi got agitated when she was challenged by a reporter about “hating” President Trump.

She said her “Catholic faith” prevented her from hating anyone. Hmmm. Does her “Catholic faith” prevent her from killing unborn children? Obviously, she missed Mass the Sunday that piece of the Catholic orthodoxy was shared.

Now Mayor Pete says Jesus was an impoverished refuge when he was born. An Episcopalian, perhaps scripture was never read, taught or examined in South Bend.

Jesus was not a refugee when Joseph and Mary stopped in Bethlehem that night. Nor is there particularly any evidence that they were impoverished, at least by first century A.D. standards. Joseph, it says in scripture, was a gainfully employed carpenter. He had enough money to have Mary’s family agree to a betrothal. He had enough money to travel from Nazareth to his ancestral home of Bethlehem to pay taxes and take part in the Roman census. He owned a donkey.

Certainly, the couple got to Bethlehem too late to find suitable lodging. But Joseph and Mary weren’t jumping borders and they weren’t running from gang violence or seeking better working conditions.

Mayor Pete’s campaign staff attempted to say he was talking about Joseph and Mary escaping to Egypt to avoid having the baby Jesus killed by Herod. Mayor Pete’s office said they went to Egypt to seek refuge, which technically made them “refugees.”

I’m wondering how many members of Mayor Pete’s campaign staff had to Google Jesus, Joseph and Mary to come up with that totally implausible explanation.

With Des Moines Register readership plummeting, particularly in rural Iowa, I’m wondering who (besides me) even reads Reka Basu anymore, but her Sunday column blaming an apparent rise in hate crimes on President Trump was the height of not only stupidity but hypocrisy.

She blames all hate crimes on the President because of his verbosity and ill-mannered language all the while hatred drips from virtually every key stroke she writes. Hatred for Trump is what is driving the Democrat Party.

Because Basu and her ilk are secularists and reject orthodox Christianity at virtually all levels, they can’t admit to the working presence of evil in the world. They reject the sinful state of man, so they have to have a fall guy (currently President Trump) to explain why mankind is not part of their religion of evolution.

In the column she lists all sorts of hate crimes involving neo Nazis and supposed conservative whack jobs without ever mentioning people like Jussie Smollet who cooked up a fake hate crime blaming white Chicagoans wearing MAGA caps, the African American males largely responsible for attacks against Jewish communities in New York and Philadelphia or the death threats a senior at Wartburg College is receiving at present because she wants to establish a young conservative group on campus. She doesn’t mention the notes placed on Starbucks coffee cups purchased by police officers that say stuff like “Pig.”

Just to be clear about Donald Trump. He does say a whole lot of inarticulate stuff, but the claim of his being a racist is nonsense. New York’s Mayor de Blasio attempting to blame the latest machete attack on a Jewish gathering in New York City on the President is beyond crazy. Trump is likely the most supportive President of the United States in history in relation to the State of Israel. His son-in-law is Jewish. His daughter and grandchildren are Jewish converts.

I can’t tell you what gins up hatred in people, except in terms of the sin nature of man. My parents faced down racial hatred when they adopted my youngest sister from Korea in 1962. A few of the WWII guys in the American Legion were too stupid to differentiate between Asian Japanese (our defeated enemy) and Asian Koreans (our forever allies). Ironically, a guy who fought at Iwo Jima and was cold initially to my dad (his childhood buddy) but became a lasting friend because my parents led he and his wife to the Lord. A cure for hatred? I kind of think so.

My great uncles had a bizarre hatred of black people, unless they helped University of Iowa athletics win. The crazy thing about their racial hatred was that they were vilified and bullied as little kids because they were Czech Catholic immigrants in our little Protestant enclave of Tama County. Empathy for the down trodden was never their strong suit.

Today, to be white, to be male, to be from rural America is to be hated by the liberal and progressive elites on both coasts because we apparently don’t see the light of political correctness and their brand of social justice. We “cling to our guns and Bibles” and are hated because of that.

It makes no sense at all.

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