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Trump will never do right by these people - Albia Newspapers: Opinion

Trump will never do right by these people

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Posted: Friday, August 18, 2017 9:34 am

There’s part of me that would like to completely distance myself from Donald Trump, but every time the mainstream media and progressive hacks on cable TV and in the newspapers open their mouths or write crazy crap, I’m drawn back to the Trump fold.

There is absolutely nothing the President can do to gain a sprinkling of support from these people.

Last week, after North Korea’s nut job communist dictator Kim Jong Un huffed and puffed, threatening to drop missiles on mainland U.S.A. and then Guam, Trump struck back forcefully and without political nuances saying if North Korea attacked the U.S. “fire and fury” would be brought down on them. At the same time, he was bringing China to the table that immediately sent a message to North Korea, suggesting they were on their own in the event of an unprovoked attack on the U.S. They also told the Trump administration they would support North Korea if the U.S. struck first.

Fair enough.

The national media went crazy. Some said Trump was crazier than Kim Jong Un. Most said Trump’s saber rattling was unprecedented in U.S. history. See that’s what I love about the mainstream media, their historical ignorance.

Theodore Roosevelt in his first administration first warned, then acted upon Spain’s aggression against the Philippines. John F. Kennedy warned the Soviets to get their missiles out of Cuba and successfully stared them down, this after his totally botched invasion of Cuba. Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union “The Evil Empire” and delivered all kinds of warnings to Mikhail Gorbachev and the Soviet empire collapsed (much to the disappointment of communist loving liberals). He also suggested to Khadafy his country would turn into a smoldering ruin if he didn’t behave.

On Monday night, Kim Jong Un backed down after a meeting with his military generals in a statement you need somebody like Charles Manson to unravel. Basically, the pipsqueak dictator took his toe and rubbed out his line in the sand.

Has Trump received credit? No. Any apologies from the left? No. Any, “Thanks Mr. President for not getting us blown up”? Hardly.

Now comes this completely insane riot in Charlottesville, Virginia that if you listened to MSNBC and Chris Matthews, you’d swear the President orchestrated the entire mess. This is where the incredible media double standard comes into play. A riot breaks out between a bunch of out of town skinheads and white supremacist and essentially a band of anarchist Black Lives Matter morons over the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.

An insane neo-Nazi from Ohio marches at first, then gets in his car and mows down 20 people, killing a 32-year-old woman. People are hitting each other with boards and the skinheads are wearing body armor and carrying shields. It’s nuts. What’s even nuttier, is that the Charlottesville police do absolutely nothing to stop the riot. You don’t see a cop anywhere in sight.

After the woman is killed, police start to filter in and break up the mob. Here’s the double standard. President Trump, working on very early, incomplete information, decries racism and violence in any form. It is true that he doesn’t immediately call for the execution of the white spremacists involved. But when a Black Lives Matter supporter murdered five cops in Texas, President Obama was less than tepid in his response. In Baltimore and in Ferguson, Mo., the media allowed Obama to create a fantasy world of white cops killing innocent black men. And when it was clearly shown that his take on those situations were wrong, nobody demanded he walk his rhetoric back. And more police officers were killed.

When the Twin Towers were taken down by terrorists, the national media did the same thing to President Bush they’re now doing to Trump. President Bush was desperately trying to figure out what was happening. He didn’t speak out quickly enough. He spoke out too quickly. He had a dazed look on his face as he heard the news while reading books to elementary students. His Air Force I plane was in the air too long.

Now Trump is being blamed for an apparent rise in the white supremacy movement, when the facts show that racism and white supremacy nut jobs have never gone away and were greatly energized by Obama’s “post racial” administration. If you’re going to blame Charlottesville on Trump, then you better blame the Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVey on Bill Clinton. By the way, do you remember whom Clinton initially blamed for the Oklahoma bombing? Muslim extremists. How times have changed. Did Clinton cause McVey to bomb the federal building in Oklahoma and murder 167 innocent men, women and children, because of the attack and burning of the Branch Davidian Compound?

Hardly. Evil doesn’t need a reason to exist.

So, the President was two days late pointing the finger directly at neo-Nazis and white racists. President Obama never admitted the truth about Ferguson or Baltimore.

Another phrase I heard over and over again from the left post Charlottesville was President Trump using a “dog whistle” on white racists. It’s like the mainstream media finds a phrase they like and think they know what it means and it becomes canonized. Frankly, I have no idea what it means in the context they are attempting to use it.

As a trainer of fine hunting dogs, I know that a dog whistle is used to call back a dog that strays too far afield. It is a warning that without a proper response, the shot collar will be used to rein in the offending dog. It’s not used to invite the dog to the party.

I have a visceral dislike for the entire neo-Nazi, white supremacist movement, so just about anything they do I’m going to look askance. But what apparently started this entire mess was the removal of Confederate Civil War statues (specifically the Robert E. Lee statue). And as a student of American history and one who appreciates sculpture and art, this I don’t get.

The news showed a group of crazed leftists roping a lone Confederate soldier and pulling it down on public property (again, no cops anywhere to be found) and then these idiots (mostly white) started kicking the crumpled bronze with their flip flops and leather sandals. Next they’ll sue the state for broken bones in their feet.

If we’re hoping to sanitize America from all mention or visual reminders of the Civil War and slavery, what’s next? George Washington owned slaves. Thomas Jefferson, arguably the greatest mind of the American experience, owned (and inbred himself) slaves. So did 80 percent of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Abraham Lincoln said more than once that his entire focus was on maintaining the Union, with slavery or without. He also made statements about the black race being inferior to the white race. It was three years into the war before he embraced the abolitionist movement. For crying out loud, the entire formation of the Democratic Party was linked to supporting slavery.

Do you remove all art relating to the Confederate military, but leave paintings and folk art depicting the slave culture? What do you do with Union statuary and art, knowing that poor Irish and German immigrants were conscripted into the Army without being naturalized citizens or that wealthy northerners bought their sons out of the war?

An African American supporter of tearing down all visions of the Confederacy said that Germany does not have statues of Adolf Hitler in their public squares. That’s hard to argue, except that the Northern victors allowed the defeated South to grieve and mourn their fallen sons. The Allies in regard to Hitler’s Germany, not so much.

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