This Sunday, one of Albia's great guys wraps up a 12-year career in Albia and at age 80 does not ride off into the sunset but rather heads into Liberty, Mo., to take on a new assignment serving God.

He will be an assistant at a new large parish in the area near Kansas Cuty that Jesse James made famous by robbing banks.

But this man will be serving the Lord, as always and in doing so will be pointing people towards not the robber of our souls but the One, Jesus, who reminds us to store up treasures in Heaven.

He will be ministering to the sick and the dying and proclaiming not fake news but the Good News. Though he is 80, the vibrant spirit will appeal to others of all ages and his ready smile and caring attitude will be a witness to Christ.

I am speaking of Father Mike Volkmer of St. Mary's Catholic Church. Mike, as I know him, has been a true ecumenical witness to the Body of Christ. He is the ultimate encourager not just to his parish but in the community.

He was and is a big supporter of the programs and kids’ endeavors in school. He could be seen and be involved in the Follies or quiz nights or help on the committee we formed to get the life sized Nativity for the square. His work and support across denominational lines was amazing.

For me he has been a friend and role model. He has been and is a true man of God. As he leaves us here in Albia, we should send him off with our prayers and well wishes. Sunday afternoon there is an open house for him at St. Mary's. I know this Protestant pastor and friend hopes you can go. Father Mike would like that and I am sure the Lord would for one of His good and faithful servants.

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