Dave Paxton

I don’t know Andy McKean, the Anamosa Iowa House member who announced he was leaving the Republican Party to caucus with the Democrats in the Iowa House because he doesn’t like Donald Trump. Maybe he’s a nice guy and his leaving the GOP is a great moral leap of faith.

But I doubt it. If he was a pillar of morality and uprightness, he would have finished his term as promised to the people in the Anamosa area where he ran as a Republican, switched parties and joined with the Democrats in the next election.

But The Donald makes people crazy, even though what he is saying and doing has little to do with Iowa politics.

McKean, so says the Des Moines Register, is a long-time moderate and a fiscal conservative, which makes his leaving the Republican Party even more of a head-scratcher. I mean, I get why people don’t like Donald Trump. There is much to dislike about the man, including multiple past wives, aggravating Tweets, pomposity without end and bad hair.

But the President, for all of his foibles, is not a rock-ribbed conservative, is far more a military dove than hawk when it comes to foreign entanglements and he is showing to be far more fiscally conservative than anyone challenging him.

That’s what it is so funny about the switch to the Democrat Party by the self-proclaimed fiscal conservative McKean. He is joining a party whose 20 odd presidential candidates are mostly avowed socialists, promising to spend trillions of dollars on such things as Medicare for all, free college tuition, eliminating all current college debt, the Green New Deal, the list goes on and on. The early lead-up to the Democrat primary should be framed as who best can bankrupt the United States the quickest.

Iowa Democrat Party leader Jessica Post welcomed McKean with open arms saying, McKean didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left McKean. If I did do Twitter, I would write, “LOL.” This from a woman whose party is being driven by people like New York socialist Ocasio-Cortez who thinks cow farts lead to global warming and the fanatical Minnesota Muslim Ilhan Omar, who most recently claimed American soldiers murdered 100,000 Somalis (she escaped Somalia with her life prior to 1993) during the infamous Blackhawk Down incident. America saved her and now she is creating a political career out of hating America. Say again, who left who?

McKean’s exit from the GOP reminds me a lot of the person seeking the perfect church and ends up staying at home flipping the channel to various TV preachers, never approaching the reality of the Great Commission. The best history will remember Andy McKean not as the moral compass he claims, but as a turncoat phony.

I am officially sick of hearing about the Mueller Report, particularly when news trickles in about our brethren in Southwest Iowa whose homes have now been under Missouri River flood waters for over a month. And I’m still trying to figure out why Southwest Iowa is being held hostage in terms of federal disaster aid because of Puerto Rico.

Since being leveled by Hurricane Maria in September of 2017, Puerto Rico (according to World Vision) received immediately $5 billion in U.S. federal aid and later President Trump signed a bill to extend another $37 billion to the country. It took seven months to get power restored to 96 percent of the three-million population, but the place, two and a half years later, is still in rack and ruin, but not so much because of the hurricane, but because it has a horrible government, run largely by left-leaning crooks.

Compare Puerto Rico to hurricane disaster recovery along the Gulf Coast and even the corruption of New Orleans post Katrina looks like a city on a hill. And tangled into the mess is a deepening hatred of Donald Trump because he has dared suggest the place is run by criminals.

So why do people in Southwest Iowa continue to suffer because of Puerto Rico? The simple, yet stupid, answer is because it’s the way Congress operates, attaching rider bills and completely disaffected crazy crap to direct aid bills.

I was watching Fox and Friends Wednesday morning when they brightened my day with a story about a Houston high school principal (a black woman if that makes any difference) that announced a dress code in her high school for parents. The code includes bans on wearing pajamas, bath robes, hair curlers, baggy pants, tops showing too much cleavage, walking in to the school shoeless and people wearing pants that show too much butt crack.

A reporter was asking parents dropping kids off to school (sitting in their cars) about the code and predictably the principal was being criticized, particularly by one mother who was wearing bright purple hair.

There is so much to say about this ban, I can hardly contain myself. The first would be to suggest that if Wal-Mart made a similar dress code, it would reduce their clientele by 72 percent. Secondly, I’ve been to enough public school events, from sports to music, to understand why a principal might say “enough.”

When it comes to clothing choices, I really tend to fall on the side of live and let live. Having to wear a suit and tie to church was one of the first things I rebelled against as a kid and today would support the idea that people in the seats is more important than suits verses shorts (as long as cleanliness and modesty prevails). But when you sit in the bleachers next to a guy who is still wearing his hog chore boots, or a buxom woman with enough cleavage showing that would make you yearn to hike the Grand Canyon, the principal lady from Houston gets my vote for educator of the year.

The other thing to consider here is that junior high and high school kids are often times embarrassed that their parents even darken the doors of the school. And that goes for kids whose mothers look like Melania Trump and fathers look like Hugh Jackman.

I say this lady has struck a blow for better, more focused education. Now if we could do something about cell phones and school discipline in general.

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