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Big and Tall the latest trend in fashion - Albia Newspapers: Opinion

Big and Tall the latest trend in fashion

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Posted: Friday, October 6, 2017 9:55 am

PLUS SIZES have now been a staple for some time in women‘s clothing. The earlier versions - Women’s sizes - often were a floppy cross between muu muus and maternity clothes. Plenty of space for the flab, but displaying as much fashion class as a potato sack.

When the more savvy of clothing manufacturers realized heavyset women had checkbooks and an eye for fashion trends, women’s clothing selection had a massive change. “Plus” no longer just meant more cellulite and the $5 or $10 surcharge for the Xs. It now meant “trendy.”

This fashion trend has now moved into men’s clothing. With careful shopping, a Big Boy can now choose beyond baggy outfits in unfashionable styles and colors.

“Big and tall” shops and departments have displayed a lack of concern for men’s physiques and psyches. Smarter merchandisers spotted this neglected market, and moved to serve it.

Associated Press recently reported several online businesses are offering “Plus Sizes for Men,” ranging up to Size 54 or 6XL Even smarter, a few inches around the midsection didn‘t also call for outsized, baggy sleeves. Menswear discovered proportion.

Shoppers can now find larger-sized slim-cut and motorcycle jeans, velour hoodies, blazers and other current trending garments.

The AP story listed several online sites that offer Plus Sizes for Men: ASOS, MVP Collection, and Winston Box.

If you’re one of the ‘Big Guys - or know someone else who is - the sites are worth checking out. (Unless you are hooked on Hawaiian shirts and sailboat motifs.)

DEEP STATE is a phrase casually tossed around by reporters, opinion and editorial writers, but seldom carefully defined. Just as well, because Deep State is not a single entity, but a group of entities.

Some commentators would describe the Deep State as a “shadow government.” By this, they mean that the Deep State is always in control, regardless of who actually has been elected to lead our government. Each entity has its own area of strength, and some work cooperatively.

One major coop: the military-intelligence group. That pair can influence the world view of the administration and the American public. Another is the business group: Chamber of Commerce and Business Round Table are frequently mentioned, but also think of the health insurance business: that factor may have shaped or scrapped much of this country’s health system. Media and higher education also have a hand in shaping public information, or misinformation. And consider the millions of persons employed by government; some are worker bees, others are in position to form or change public policy. One of former President Obama’s final actions was to convert hundreds of “political appointees” into regular government service; the political ones change with an administration change; the civil servants have built-in protections and are nearly impossible to fire, even for cause. (And some of those former Obama political appointments are still working in the White House, as civil servants.

Each of those groups has its own kingdom to protect, but these days, they all share another overlapping aim: Get Trump!

A primary promise Donald Trump made during the campaign: Drain the Swamp. These groups - the Deep State - ARE the Swamp, individually and collectively.

Any questions?

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