Dave Paxton

You don’t have to be a big women’s soccer fan to be drawn in to the success of Team U.S.A. I got home in time Friday to see about half the match against France. Beating up France is good for the American soul. I watched the Spanish version of the win against Great Britain. Yeah goalie!

And then I read (subsequently watched) the U.S.A. captain, Megan Rapinoe curse out President Trump, announce to the world the team would not go to the White House if asked and then accuse him of all sorts of crap that is no more true of President Trump than it would have been for presidents Obama, Bush or Clinton. It was vile and disgusting and I’m not sure I’m more disgusted at the tone or the intent.

I’m glad the President didn’t let it drop and be the “bigger man.” He basically told her it didn’t matter what she thought of him, he would invite the team anyway and that she could hate him all she wanted, but she needs to respect the office of the President and the country that he leads.

She had to let everyone know that she is a lesbian and thus a down-trodden minority, like millions of heterosexual women have risen to the captaincy of the U.S. women’s soccer team. Being a homosexual has clearly held her back. Right.

What this dimwit doesn’t realize is the fact that President Trump has been an advocate around the world in stopping the persecution and outright killing of all sorts of minorities, including Christians, Jews and homosexuals. He’s a funny guy that way. He doesn’t act the way the mainstream media portrays him.

Here is another irony. Rapinoe doesn’t like the way Trump has acted in public, yet she is a near image of Trump in terms of her braggadocio, her temperament toward opponents and her almost brutal competitiveness.

See, here’s the deal as we observe the Fourth of July and the independence of our nation. Rapinoe joined the moron Colin Kapernick in kneeling at the playing of the National Anthem. Subsequently, the governing body of U.S. soccer told her to stand or get lost. She now stands and pouts. In many countries around the world, Rapinoe being a homosexual would get her killed. Her dishonoring the country’s flag might get her thrown in jail. Her speaking out against the top leader would get her tortured and then killed.

It’s only in America that this dumbskull has the right to speak and act stupidly. Perhaps she should show a little appreciation for the Declaration of Independence which birthed the U.S. Constitution a decade or so after it was signed by 36 incredibly brave white guys of European descent.

And for crying out loud, let those of us who would like to root for America do so without having to hold our noses over her boorish behavior.

Andy Ngo is somebody the left can’t figure out. He is a young, gay man, an investigative journalist, an advoocate of conservative causes and a supporter of Donald Trump. I’m not sure which of those personality traits the left hates most. But most assuredly they will do anything within their power to shut him up.

I came into the world of journalism 45 years ago, when we as college students were told Republicans and people with conservative values (any values actually) were evil incarnate. They sought to muzzle free speech and force people to live by their own evil Wall Street standards.

Boy oh boy have times changed. Conservatives are now the protector and defender of the First Amendment. Ask Andy Ngo.

He was covering multiple marches in Portland, Ore. over the weekend, that bastion of liberalism, and was in the middle of the Antifa march when he was discovered as a conservative journalism, accosted, beaten, had quick-drying concrete milk shakes hurled at him, and wound up in a hospital.

And no one in the world of hyper liberal Portland politics or culture has said a word to defend the rights of this man. Supposedly Antifa is an anti-fascist group, but in fact they are the definition of fascism. And no one on the left speaks out against them.

Republicans were forced to speak out against the Ku Klux Klan, even though it was a Democrat institution, and they did, forcefully distancing them from the party. Where are the voices among Democrats and liberals now that Antifa is staging violent protests, beating up people who would dare speak out against whatever they disagree with?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

And since that magnificent ideal was placed into the U.S. Constitution, all sorts of laws have been passed to protect that right. Except now, when liberals owning Facebook, controlling Google, dominating the traditional media don’t agree with what is being said and do everything they can do to censor anything they don’t agree with.

Watching a little of the Democrat debates as possible, it is clear the field is made up of pretty much miserable, Trump hating left-wingers, who don’t like America, don’t like traditional American values and actually believe we have 10 years left before the Earth is killed off by global warming.

These are people I really want to have a cookout with on the Fourth of July. Let me help with providing examples of why we can celebrate this Independence Day, knowing there are and will always be issues in dealing with life.

• So far I have missed hitting a deer on the road with my 1971 Chevy pick-up.

• My pick-up doesn’t have air conditioning, but the crank windows work perfectly.

• My older brother who developed vertigo from a two-year fight against shingles told me at our family reunion he can’t play racquetball anymore, but the vertigo has helped him with the hook in his golf game.

• My wife took my seven-year-old grandson to my barber and he announced to Dave the barber he wanted his hair cut like his grandpa’s. Made me proud and happy that I still have enough hair for a seven-year-old to notice.

• My wife and I joined the parishioners at St. Mary’s on Sunday after our own Methodist service to bid farewell to beloved priest, Fr. Mike Volkmer. We came to make him feel better. He hugged my wife and said, “Jan I am so going to miss your beautiful singing voice.” For some reason God breaks the mold after creating people like Fr. Mike, but the air is clearer and the birds sound better just knowing people like him.

• The world is not going to end in 10 years. It will end when the governor of California, the mayor of Portland and a U.S. senator from New York wake up one morning and say, “I think we’ve taxed the people too much.” Or is that when pigs fly?

No matter. Enjoy freedom. Happy Fourth of July.

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