It’s really humorous how the left wing media in the United States spins it when Donald Trump keeps campaign promises or has some other national policy successes. And there’s actually been quite a few, which makes MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, Washington Post, Des Moines Register and others look like a top drilling itself into the dirt.

When Trump launched his tariff assault on the world, the liberal media went crazy, opining that the moves would bankrupt the American economy, starve our farmers and destroy our friendships with trading partners. I’ve got to admit that I was nervous (still am a little) in regards to the farm economy and how tariffs would affect our Iowa farmers.

So where are we today? Trump made Mexico buckle first and they got on board changing NAFTA. The Canadians were a hold out until just this week when this huge trade deal was struck called “USMCA” (United States, Mexico Canada Agreement), ridding us of NAFTA and giving us lots of new trade perks, including perks to automakers and their unions and to farm states. Then Taiwan (one of our best allies) inked a pact to buy a billion dollars in soybeans, softening the blow from China.

Now we’re hearing the President will be in Iowa to announce the year-round sale of E-15, an absolute boon to corn producers and a plan that will make oil producing states fume.

The stock market is hitting record highs over the news and if all you did was watch the networks and MSNBC or read national newspapers, you’d either hear crickets or pundits suggesting these gains are actually leading us down the trail of despair and destruction.

The same is true in Iowa politics, if all you did was watch political commercials. Fred Hubbell is campaigning on saving Iowa’s economy when we have the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation and we’re $127 million to the good in terms of the general budget forecast. His answer to our new found financial successes is to promise a roll back of all tax cuts Republicans have provided under Kim Reynolds and Terry Branstad.

I suppose you could spin that two percent unemployment isn’t one percent and that $127 million isn’t $200 million, but I’m not sure how folks will accept that.

The one thing Iowa Democrats do have to hang their hats on is the very questionable roll out of privately managed Medicaid. It is not going as planned and there have been a number of people fall through the cracks, but you can attribute some of that crack falling to the ACA (aka Obamacare), which remains a disaster.

As a newly minted senior citizen (headed to 65 this year) I continue to be amazed that Democrats drag out the same old, tired ads about Republicans stealing from the Social Security fund and making nasty cuts to Medicare. It simply isn’t the truth, although anyone with any brain, on either side of the aisle, would tell you we’re way overdue for significant changes in Social Security and Medicare.

But these have always been and unfortunately will always be poison pills for politicians. Politicians prefer to sit around and pray for old people to die young rather than make necessary changes to maintain Social Security solvency. But every two years the tired old ads are dragged out of the best of the Democrat oldies file attempting to scare seniors into the fold.

I’m getting regular reports from Social Security and my wife is actually taking hers (along with public school generated IPERS) and there isn’t a hint of any sort of change in store. When I become Medicare eligible next summer, I’ll let you know if mean and nasty Republicans are bound to take it away before I get what’s mine.

Actually, I heard a first hand account of a quirky part of Medicare (not Medicaid) as it applies to supplemental insurance policies. Apparently some of the supplements don’t cross state lines and elderly people headed to Arizona or Texas needing the kind of care their supplements provide, can’t get coverage and instead remain home for the winter.

I remember when the GOP begged for health insurance portability across state lines as part of health care reform and were denied any sort of voice.

So here’s what I’ve relearned about facebook in the past week. You can throw any kind of crap into a facebook post, whether it has a shred of truth or not, and have any number of people believe it and build on it.

Holly Brink, Republican candidate for House made the mistake of actually providing some perspective on a question about the Iowa Public Employee Retirement System (IPERS) before emphatically stating she was not in favor of changing (specifically privatizing) the retirement system for public employees. “It’s their money,” was one of her direct quotes.

When a post came out on her opponent’s facebook, she was conniving to use a big pot of money for some nefarious purpose, wouldn’t do a blood letting to prove her fealty to IPERS and wanted all old teachers to starve to death. No, really, that’s just about what it said and where it went from there.

First of all, it is rare that anybody checks the veracity of facebook posts and unfortunately people who worship at the foot of facebook rarely care about the truth, and worse yet, are never held accountable for not telling the truth. There’s nothing new about lying about politicians, it’s just that social media makes it so much more convenient.

FYI, Iowa union public employees, including teachers, ought to be singing the high praises of Donald Trump, since his economic and trade policies have driven the stock market to record highs and driven the value of IPERS even higher.

Just sayin’.

Okay, just when you think the news can’t be any more insane, Hillary Clinton continues to be on some sort of speaking tour and was judging Judge Brett Kavanaugh unfit for the Supreme Court because of the sexual misconduct allegations and his emotional defense of his honor and character.

This from a woman who went from bitchy to red-faced angry during the Benghazi hearings as Secretary of State and who accused women of being “trailer trash” when they dared suggest they were mauled, manhandled and outright raped by her husband Bill.

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