“The idea of like being 10 percent better than garbage.”

This is a quote from a long, rambling discourse by New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at a Texas festival of all places. This is what she thinks of America and traditional American values.

First of all, you’ve got to wonder why this Bronx area congresswomen is jetting off to Texas on weekends instead of holding listening posts in her own district. She is, after all, architect of the Green New Deal advocating the grounding of all airline traffic to reduce the human carbon footprint. You’ve also got to wonder why in the world she has become the voice of Democrat politics in the U.S. Is the modern Democrat Party that bereft of critical thinkers?

If you listen to what she says, you also wonder how she passed 10th grade civics class. She’s a dimwit. A virtual moron when it comes to describing history and American truth. Somebody compared her to the “Valley Girl” without the big hair and colorful clothing.

When she says the history of the United States is 10 percent better than garbage, I want to know where Iowa Rep. Dave Loebsack is and why he isn’t speaking out. I want to know where newly elected Rep. Cindy Axne is and why she isn’t speaking out against this virulent rhetoric. I thought these were generally decent, fair-minded “Iowa nice” people representing our interests in Congress. But they are silent as AOC and her whack job Muslim freshmen friends in Congress belittle and spew hatred toward Israel and American Jews. They seem frozen and fearful to stand up to this crazy crap.

At some level, as a Republican, I cheer their silence because it will lead to a landslide victory for President Trump and very likely a one-term existence for Axne and Abby Finkenauer in northeast Iowa. Loebsack is likely safe because he represents the crazies in and around Iowa City.

On the other hand, this drumbeat of anti-Americanism, of desecrating our flag and our traditional values, or men and women serving in the military and in law enforcement is penetrating the minds of school kids and of adults who are dumb as clumps of clover.

Hey Rep. Loebsack, here’s a thought. Why don’t you find a pair and start talking about American exceptionalism. It exists in your family, namely your children who serve in the U.S. Marine Corps. Find the courage to describe to your weirdo Democrat friends in Congress that at University of Iowa football games the fans pause to wave at cancer stricken children in a facility above Kinnick Stadium built by vastly wealthy capitalist donors.

Find the courage to speak truth to American civic and religious organizations providing no cost or low cost specialty health care to people all over the world. Remind Ocasio-Cortez that while imperfect, the American dream still exists and is not 10 percent better than garbage, but 100 percent better than almost any culture anywhere in the world. Instead of allowing her to rant about Franklin D. Roosevelt being racist, stand up and talk about the Marshall Plan and the forgiveness and generosity shown to post war Germany and Japan.

I’m waiting for Loebsack or Axne or Finkenauer to stand up in Congress and speak truth to the insanity that is driving their party. I may be waiting a long time.

This piece of news out of Wyoming cut me to the quick. My parents were University of Wyoming graduates. My dad’s roommate, Hank Barlow, ranched in northeast Wyoming near Gillette, was a cowboy and raised two sons who were cowboys. They were and are good people.

The University of Wyoming came up with a new recruiting and PR campaign that says, “The World Needs More Cowboys.” I saw the U-Tube video. It was incredible. Made me want to get back one of my three horses I gave to 4-H kids a few years ago, slap on a cowboy hat, saddle up and ride. Had I seen this as a senior in high school I would have wound up following my folks to Wyoming instead of going to UNI. It was named best of show in a National Education Advertising competition.

However, University of Wyoming “diversity” professors and the school’s American Indian Studies department director called “The World Needs More Cowboys” a negative slogan.

The concerns were related to the use of the word “cowboys,” both for its use of what was perceived as male-only language and in the context of a cowboys-versus-Indians cultural history in Wyoming and America in general. Critics said the slogan implied the school wanted only men and students who fit a certain stereotype.

The fact that the school’s nickname is “The Cowboys” and their logo is a cowboy riding a bucking bronc not withstanding, this is just a continuation of progressive, politically correct cow manure.

Certainly, Hollywood has portrayed a cowboys verses Indians mentality, but the historic cowboy was an indentured servant of sorts, a man of all color and ethnicity (white, black, Hispanic and Indian), rarely a property owner and didn’t really hold up all that well against warring Native Americans.

It was the U.S. Army cavalry that ultimately subdued the Sioux, Apache, Comanche and Black Feet native Americans in the west. Cowboys helped build fence and secure new lands for their white landowning employers, but generally they lived short lives, shortened even more by Indian arrows and rifle shots.

But they were tough guys, worked hard, loved their horses and had created about them by people like the artist Frederic Remington, a much larger than life American myth.

There were female cowboys for sure, but if you dared say “cowgirl” in today’s PC culture, you’d get shredded by feminists and liberals who hate girl language more than male descriptives. It’s “letter winners” not “lettermen,” after all.

This is what I love best about Wyoming people and the majority of men and women attending the university in Laramie. They basically told the professors to stuff it, bought out every “The World Needs More Cowboys” t-shirts at the local bookstore and shouted “Yippee-Ki-Yay.”

We can’t call our teams the “Indians,” or “Braves,” or “Mohawks,” even though we are basically trying to compare our teams to their courage and toughness and now we’re not supposed to love on cowboys.

In a word. Screw that.

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