Titus 1:4

The word ‘abandon’ in our day usually means to give up something or someone. We read about abandoned vehicles, children, animals. But it also reveals living full out or doing something all out.

There is a small book in the New Testament called Titus. He was a young pastor with the tough task of getting the young church at Crete near Greece in order. It was a complete mess due to the immorality of the region. The great missionary Paul was a friend of Titus and gave him advice.

As the book tells us, poor Titus had his hands full with all kinds of fallen and carnal people and with those who professed faith but did not show it. Paul called them detestable, disobedient and unfit. Titus had to decide whether to condemn them, threaten them or in some way to force them to shape up. His answer was one Paul led him to. Grace.

Certainly the way these people lived was unacceptable. Titus knew, as did Paul, that ungodliness is not an option for believers.We are called to live not as the world but rather godly and self controlled, righteous upright lives. But Titus knew as did Paul, that only God's grace could change people and bring the desired results. Jesus went to the Cross to redeem us from all wickedness.

As Titus in chaper two says, He sought to redeem us from all sin and purify for Himself a people that are His own and want to do what is good.

Titus implemented Paul's advice and went all out doing it. He went at it with great abandon, meaning nothing held him back. He was trustworthy and dependable in his life and service. Titus not only got results but ended up traveling with Paul. Titus was not a Jew but a redeemed Gentile. He had experienced grace in his own life and an intimate fellowship with God. He was willing to serve Him in obscurity and unselfishly with only one goal which was to give God glory and redeem others. He wanted to serve God all out and simply be His servant.

My point today is simple. What could God do with us if we served Him with the same abandon, all out as did Titus always extending His grace to a fallen world? It is something to ponder and something I hope all of us try to do.

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