Democrats are left scratching their heads over the shellacking they took from rural counties in Iowa in the governor’s race, in the state senate and largely in the Iowa House. They can’t seem to figure out why looking at the electoral map of the United States, over 90 percent of counties vote Republican, including Monroe, Lucas, Wayne, Appanoose, Davis, Marion, Mahaska and now even Wapello.

Other than rural Americans feeling marginalized by national Democrat leaders, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and apparently understanding the importance of giving unborn life a chance at life after birth, let me suggest some other reasons, relating to how we have managed to live free since the late 1700s.

These are direct quotes from prominent leaders in the Democrat party.

Maxine Waters Democrat Congresswoman from California: “The next Supreme Court Justice should be an illegal immigrant.”

Chuck Schumer Democrat Senator from New York: “Time and time again, we find progressive laws getting struck down. And it’s always-always-the ones the Constitution is against. These right-wing judges don’t think for themselves, they just do whatever the Constitution says. And it’s time for that to end.”

Elizabeth Warren Democrat Senator Vermont: “We need judges to be advocates of progressive laws, not people who will bow to the whims of the Constitution, pitting its extremist values of freedom of speech and freedom of religion against our agenda.”

Extremist values of freedom of speech and freedom of religion?

Cory Booker Democrat Senator from New Jersey: “We’re sick and tired of the Constitution sitting in the National Archives, manipulating everything we do.”

It’s clear that these people count on the historical ignorance of Americans to push an anti-American, socialist agenda, but there are still people (apparently mostly living in rural America) who understand, appreciate and are willing to defend the U.S. Constitution.

If Iowa Democrats ever hope to regain the influence they once had in rural counties, they might want to look at who they have allowed to lead them.

I had to do a double take when news of a political volunteer, a young black man from Louisiana, was arrested by a suburban West Des Moines policeman. The guy was helping the campaign of now defeated Republican Congressman David Young. “The only way I was stopped by the police was that I was a young African American male in a white suburban neighborhood,” he said.

Suburbanites, after all, fell all over themselves voting for the politically and racially pure progressives and now the West Des Moines police are defending the officer to the “nth” degree after he arrested the kid, who will come back to Iowa in December to defend himself.

First of all, I will be extremely interested to see if the ACLU, the NAACP and the entrenched Democrat black community of Des Moines will rise up in support of this young black Republican. Secondly, the kid should have given the cop his identification, not called him a “white cracker” and dropped the “F” bomb and moved on. On the other hand, police don’t roust the people who make robo calls or do community organizing in mostly black communities.

I’d say that I don’t relate to this young man because I’m old and white living in mostly white rural Iowa. Except that older white men are becoming the new young black men as targets to PC progressives.

French President Emmanuel Macron speaking days before the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI at a United States military cemetery in France: “We need a true European army because we have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.” He went on at the ceremony, “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying, ‘Our interest first, who cares about others.’”

If modern Americans had any cursory knowledge of the sacrifices America has made to haul the collective butts of France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Great Britain out of the threat of defeat and domination of communist Russia, socialist (Hitler’s) Germany and the WWI Germany of Kaiser Wilhelm, we would be beyond outraged. But we’ve allowed ourselves to become historically illiterate and Macron gets away saying stupid crap like this, all the while our President is standing over the thousands of Doughboys and GI’s buried on French soil.

Both times thousands of young Americans died on French soil, America turned around and handed the country back to France. What’s more, we foolishly stepped in when France failed in Vietnam, partly because France is our oldest and (at one time) most loyal ally.

Now we’ve got this kitten ball French leader suggesting a European army to defend itself against the United States, mostly because President Trump is demanding they and other European nations pay the amount agreed upon to NATO. This while France is being overrun by Muslim extremists, their economy is a wreck and they haven’t proven to have any military chops since the 1918 battle of the Marne, beating back German forces…with the help of British and American forces led by Black Jack Pershing.

I had three great-uncles who emigrated to the U.S. from Slovakia with their parents from 1896 to 1900 and Frank, Joey and Tony went back to France to fight in WWI. They didn’t talk a lot about the war, at least when I was around as a little kid, but Uncle Tony brought back a really cool German helmet and Lugar pistol, but nothing as a reminder of France. Uncle Frank’s son, Fred (my dad’s childhood best friend), died as a result of wounds and interment in a German POW camp after fighting in the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne, France. Uncle Frank became an embittered drunk over losing his only son and was actually angry with my dad for returning alive from the South Pacific. Dad was on a ship clearing out mines around Japan in September of 1945 when Fred died while attending his first semester at the University of Iowa. He didn’t get to visit Fred’s grave until he came home in July of 1946.

Frank and Joey both drank themselves to death, partly because of the alcohol laced Czech culture and partly, I think, from what they saw in the trenches in France. Uncle Tony ran a car dealership and quietly prospered as our town mayor, laying the wreath at the foot of the Unknown Soldier monument at Montour cemetery every Memorial Day I can remember.

I don’t carry the bitterness and alcoholism of my family around in a backpack, but I get why people whose sons are buried at Normandy and at a dozen other U.S. national cemeteries on French soil would get a little prickly with this goofball Macron shooting off his mouth.

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