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Posted: Friday, June 16, 2017 9:40 am

CALI CAT - as she grows up - has developed characteristics more like a dog than catlike.

She has adopted The Mister as her Person, and trails him closely through the day and evening. She never goes farther afield without knowing exactly where he is. She also considers him her Manservant in charge of feeding and watering, currycombing and keeping her litter box fresh and tidy.

We know of humans with their companion or therapy dogs. Cali understands the principle; The Mister is her own Formal Therapy Dude. She seeks him out at top speed when thunder scares her, then sleeps on his bed next to him. She wanders like a lost soul when he’s out of the house overnight, for medical or family reasons. (And she doesn’t eat until he returns.)

Cali does extend a few favors. On Mondays, she allows Becky from Bussey to dispense catnip and a few treats to her. As long as she does it right, at the right time. And Cali will greet my visiting sister Gretch, by sitting on her lap for a few minutes.

And what is my role in the life of this housecat? I hear you ask. I’m her Potted Plant. That says it all.

PRESIDENT TRUMP recently made some sort of minor political gaffe. The House Speaker (from the President’s own party) attempted to smooth things over: The President is new at his job, the Speaker explained. He just doesn’t understand yet how things are done in Washington.

Well, Bullfeathers! The President knows exactly how things have been done in Washington, and so do all those who voted him into office. “Drain the Swamp!” was a worthy goal.

Trouble is, this year’s Swamp facing this president has grown. Besides several branches of Democrats (plus a Socialist), multiple lobby groups promoting competing issues, a hostile media, there now is a Deep State grouped around an active former president. And unbelievably, within the president’s own party, the GOPers who were anti-Trump, still are, including much of the Republican party’s leadership and Old Guard.

Between all those factions, there is a very large group who can’t believe Trump and his followers won. And they don’t understand why. Except for the Russians, of course.

We don't yet know whether a significant number of the lunatic fringe - like ISIS jihadis wanting to kill all infidels - are ready to kill all Republicans, following this week’s ball field attempt in Virginia.

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