Dave Paxton

Okay, so the world is crazy. What’s new?

Insanity #1.

We’ve got the national media and Democrats going crazy again over an alleged conversation between President Trump with the president of the Ukraine over Joe Biden demanding a Ukrainian prosecutor be fired in order to cover up millions of dollars Biden’s son apparently got from influence peddling.

There is actually video of Biden bragging about forcing the firing of this prosecutor with the threat of withholding U.S. aid. Biden refers to the prosecutor as an “S.O.B.”

On both sides of the issue is this statement: “If true…”

If true the President should be impeached. If true, Biden should end his campaign. The media has gone mad with this. If Russian collusion is true, then the President….It wasn’t true. If the Steele docia is true, then…It wasn’t true.

How about we discover the truth first, then determine the outcome.

Insanity #2.

This is the same advice I would deliver to University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld, who suggested to the U of I student newspaper that the Iowa-Iowa State football game be here and forever cancelled if allegations of physical and emotional abuse heaped upon the Hawkeye marching band at Jack Trice Field are true.

Nobody seems to know what is or isn’t true. We went from drunken ISU students throwing beer on band members, to somebody getting sexually groped (through a marching band uniform and their instrument) to verbal abuse and now to broken ribs from a beer can being thrown. Now we understand (through ISU AD Jamie Pollard) that the marching band, against the advice of stadium officials, marched through a gauntlet of ISU fans instead of taking the prescribed route. It’s possible fans were jostled first by the band and somebody was goosed by a slide trombone. That may or may not be true…but if it is…

No police report was filed, no Ames police investigation held, and a joint announcement by Iowa Athletic Director Gene Bartow and ISU AD Jamie Pollard that said the case was closed. Until it was reopened by Iowa marching band members on Facebook posts. Ah, Facebook, that presenter of all things true.

The whole reporting of whatever incidents that took place is bizarre. It’s like both schools are attempting to cover up something that did or didn’t happen. Geez, where is Joe Friday when we need him. “Just the facts maam.”

There are a lot of questions that should have been answered, like the next day. It doesn’t surprise me at all during a rain delayed game that drunken Iowa State students got drunker, although I’m curious as to how cans of beer ended up in the stadium to be used as hand grenades. I’ve been to Iowa and Iowa State games and can testify that boorish, drunken behavior is the norm. Pour enough beer down the throat of a 20-year-old male student and having someone groped through a band uniform is not out of the realm of possibility.

But for Harreld to threaten to end the Cy-Hawk football game is about the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while. Just short of earth having 10 years before climate change wipes us out. The one thing I haven’t heard out of Harreld is his turning down over a million dollars due the children’s hospital from the ISU college kid who posted the sign on ESPN’s game day asking for more beer money.

Ironic, isn’t it.

Insanity #3.

The Des Moines media market and the Des Moines police are making a big deal out of two Iowa Department of Natural Resources officers breaking up a drunken chick fight in downtown Des Moines. The two officers are on paid leave of absences, while the Des Moines P.D. pontificates about not knowing why the (fully uniformed) officers were in Des Moines are why they decided to break up the fight.

Duh. Have you ever been to local restaurants where uniformed State Troopers, DNR or local police were eating a meal together? I’m going to jump past the “If true” thing and tell you what happened.

The two DNR guys were in Des Moines for statewide training at Camp Dodge. They stopped for a meal with other DNR officers, who left a little earlier to head back to their hotels. The two saw two drunken women start duking it out. Like any good law enforcement officers, regardless of being in their service area, they stepped in to break it up. The women were drunker than they thought and the officers had to use pepper spray and physical force. Kind of what cops everywhere do to get things under control.

That’s it. Andy Fales can stop raising his eyebrows reporting the incident on the early morning Channel 13 news and the Des Moines Register can stop inferring that these two officers were doing something nefarious in a downtown establishment. What’s the alternative? Have two uniformed officers sit at a table with their legs crossed, sipping iced tea while two people beat the hell out of each other?

Insanity #4.

The West Des Moines school district suspended the privileges of an unpaid, volunteer Fellowship of Christian Athletes “chaplain” from holding completely voluntary meetings with Valley football players off campus, praying with them (off campus) and walking the sidelines of games with players and coaches.

As a 40+ year member of the FCA, both as a collegian and as an adult, who has weathered the storms of public school districts coming against the ministry and having court decisions come down in our favor, a pox on the West Des Moines school district.

Parents of players are outraged at the suspension and an on-line petition (whatever that means) has garnered 1,200 signatures already to restore his privileges…as if the West Des Moines school district has any right at all to tell a person what they can or cannot do off campus.

Let’s see. Among other things, the FCA promotes healthy behaviors, love and tolerance, being the best of who God made you to be, living out your faith on and off the playing field, honoring your parents, coaches and administrators. These are bad things in the mind of some Valley administrator, who was cowed by a couple of God-hating stakeholders.

Ironic, isn’t it, that this story broke about the same time President Trump was pleading with world leaders to end religious persecution around the world.

Insanity #5.

The city of Ames, in a show of support for its LGBTQ community has painted crosswalks in rainbow colors, going against the completely hateful and racist Federal Highway Administration that says crosswalks (for safety) must be painted white.

This, of course, is symbolism gone mad, and the Ames City Council is pledging to fight the feds, even though they will likely get their butts sued if some drunken ISU student wanders across the street on the rainbow colors thinking he’s headed toward the Land of Oz and gets hit by a bus.

What’s next? Rainbow colors in stop lights? Pink for go, purple for stop.

I liked it a lot better when rainbow colors stood for God’s promise never to destroy the world again by flooding it.

By the way, I continue to gaze at rainbows after rain storms without considering LGBTQ ramifications.

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